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Could Washington Support Balochistan Independence?

September 12, 2021     Topic:  Foreign Policy     Region:  Americas     The possibility that a future American administration may try a “Kuwait” solution with Balochistan is growing. by  Michael Rubin In 1899, Great Britain cut a deal with a separatist leader in Kuwait to make the small Persian Gulf territory a British protectorate. For the British, severing Kuwait’s links to Ottoman Iraq made strategic sense: By empowering Kuwait as a separate entity with a foreign policy subordinate to Britain’s own, the [British] India Office was able to  stymie a German plan  to build a railhead on the Persian Gulf. Pakistan may be riding high after the Taliban victory in Afghanistan. Many of Pakistan’s most senior officials celebrate American defeat. This should not surprise anyone. While the United States and Pakistan were allies during the Cold War, the bilateral partnership was  always fraught . Pakistan,  with reason , resented both that they were America’s second choice and successive U.S. ad