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China, Afghanistan, and the Belt and Road Initiative: Diplomacy and Reality

China will face a number of difficulties in implementing the BRI in Afghanistan. By  Magnus Marsden September 15, 2021 Credit:  Pixabay A series of diplomatic statements by China has indicated a  “cautious alliance”  between the country and the Taliban. On their part, the Taliban have declared China to be Afghanistan’s  “main partner.”  In the wake of the violent return to power of the Taliban, international leaders have made much of China’s potential role in Afghanistan. Most statements emphasize the possible dividends of growing levels of Chinese investment in Afghanistan in the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – China’s central foreign policy scheme that seeks to create land and sea infrastructural links designed to facilitate economic activity within and beyond Asia. Serious questions remain, however, about Afghanistan’s incorporation within the Belt and Road project. Most obviously, the security situation in Afghanistan will hamper China’s ability to invest in it. T

Opposition submits no-confidence motion against Balochistan CM

GHALIB NIHAD Sixteen opposition members in the Balochistan Assembly on Tuesday submitted a no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani to the assembly secretary, demanding that a session be called for a debate on the motion within seven days. In the no-confidence motion, a copy of which is available with , the opposition members listed four reasons for their move. It stated that there was "extreme disappointment" and unrest in the province, while unemployment and performance of institutions had been badly affected because of Alyani's "bad governance". It said Alyani had violated Article 37 (promotion of social justice and eradication of social evils) and 38 (promotion of social and economic well-being of the people) of the Constitution and passed budgets due to which poverty, deprivation and unrest had increased in areas of Balochistan. The public was also feeling unprotected because of increasing incidents of robbery, kidnapping,

Call for modernising mining sector in Balochistan

THE NEWSPAPER'S STAFF CORRESPONDENT QUETTA: Chief Secretary of Balochistan Mathar Niaz Rana has called for modernisation of the mining sector in Balochistan, saying this is the need of the hour in the natural resources-rich province. “Balochistan has more mineral resources than any other province in the country,” he said while speaking at a one-day seminar on ‘Establishment of Metal Park in Balochistan’. The seminar was organised by the Ministry of Industries on Tuesday. The chief secretary said that benefits of development in any sector of the province should go directly to its people. He said at present work is being done on more than 30 ty­p­es of mineral deposits on a limited scale at about 1,800 places in the province. It could not be expanded due to some unavoidable reasons. Some of the reasons have been identif­ied by the Provincial Depart­m­ent of Min­e­rals and Mineral Dev­elop­ment, such as limited data on geological resources and lack of mineral development processing un