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China’s Belt And Road Initiative Is Transforming Kazakhstan’s Energy Supply

By  Ag Metal Miner  - Jun 21, 2021, 2:00 PM CDT According to  a news report  by Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua, the wind farm located in South Kazakhstan near the city of Zhanatas is an example of how the Belt and Road initiative is transforming Kazakhstan’s energy supply. The Belt and Road initiative, which China launched in 2013 is a global infrastructure project that sweeps over 70 countries around the world. Construction of the plant started in 2019. The fact that the pandemic did not slow down the project marked a commendable feat, said Guo Qiang, the plant’s general director. The wind farm has a 100 megawatts capacity. Furthermore, it will power 1 million homes with clean electricity when all 40 wind turbines come online. Each turbine tower weighs over 300 tons and is nearly 150 meters tall, comparable to a 50-story building. As a comparison, the Chinese news agency said the 60-meter-long blades covered an area as large as the London Eye. In addition, when it becomes fully

The dragon in the room

It took a long time for the West to recognize the need for an alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative and that it has already stolen a march on it in this domain Narendra Modi participates in the first Outreach Session of the G7 Summit virtually with other leaders, in New Delhi. PTI file photo Harsh V. Pant   Published 22.06.21, 12:20 AM Advertisement As Joe Biden rallied American allies and partners during his first overseas trip since taking on the presidency of the United States of America, China was present everywhere. From the G7 to Nato, it was China’s growing global footprint and aggression that were shaping the conversations as Western nations assessed the single most important global challenge in front of them. After downplaying the Chinese threat for decades, suddenly Western nations find that they are being overtaken by a rival in ways that they had forgotten to appraise in their ‘end of history’ moment. And, now, as Chinese power redefines geopolitics and geoeconomi