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Rally and protest in Karachi Sindh against land grabbing of Sindh

United States, HoustonTexas , June 06, 2021  . (Press release)  Original Sindhi’s inhabitants are the owners and heirs of  every inch of Sindh , we know very well how to protect our Mother land . We will never allow destruction of villages in Kohistan and exploitation of our resources.  Through  DHA mega City , Islands mega projects , coastal belt projects , Pakistan army cantonments and other Bahria mega projects Punjabi establishment is in action on the agenda to merge Sindh in greater Punjab plan .  JSFM Leaders condemned occupation   Over the ancient villages of Kohistan, Gopa Town, Kathor , Moiida Dam  and Panhwar mountains.  Malik Raiz  civilian puppet of Pakistan army with the help of Feudal’s government of Sindh has launched its strategy of occupation on Sindh , last day his armed men with police , Rangers and heavy machinery came to destroy historical old residences and houses of Sindhi people in Kohistan area of Sindh . Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement ( JSFM) organized a rally an