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US withdrawal sparks new wave of violence in Balochistan by Pakistan Taliban

ANI |  Updated:  Jun 06, 2021 06:16 IST Islamabad [ Pakistan ], June 6 (ANI): The  US troop withdrawal  from Afghanistan has led to increased violence in  Balochistan  by  Pakistan   Taliban . The revival of the  Pakistan i  Taliban  is not only linked with the growing turmoil in neighbouring Afghanistan caused by the  US troop withdrawal  but also to growing differences between  Pakistan  and the Afghan  Taliban , including over  Pakistan 's growing new strategic engagement with the US, wrote Salman Rafi Sheikh in an article in Asia Times. The Afghan  Taliban  understand  Pakistan 's insistence on establishing an inclusive political government in Afghanistan is a result of its efforts to recalibrate its relations with the US post-withdrawal. US troop withdrawal  from Afghanistan and Pentagon overtures to Islamabad have sparked new waves of terrorist violence in  Balochistan . The growing perception was confirmed when  Pakistan  said that its "war on terror" era contr