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Belt and Road Monitor: Top Developments

RWR Belt and Road Monitor RWR Advisory Group This edition covers developments from April 25- May 11.   Top Developments Chinese Contractor Reportedly to Win Iranian Highway Contract On May 5, Iran’s Ministry of Transportation disclosed that it is in the final stages of negotiations with an unnamed Chinese contractor for the third phase of construction of the 124 km, four-lane Tehran-Shomal Freeway. Separate reports suggest that the Ministry is in discussion with five Chinese contractors for collaboration on the strategic highway project, which is part of a road network connecting Tehran to Iran’s Caspian coast via the Alborz mountain range. The value of the project is estimated at around $1.5 billion. Iran has taken steps to expand the economic and strategic potential of its Caspian coastline since the 2018 signing of a legal convention between the five Caspian littoral states, which established the legal boundaries of the sea. Competition to advance the area's logistics and transp