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Pak's Balochistan conflicted about number of hospitalised COVID-19 patients

ANI |  Updated:  May 10, 2021 03:27 IST Balochistan  [ Pakistan ], May 10 (ANI): The provincial government of  Balochistan  seems to be conflicted about the actual number of  COVID-19  patients admitted in the hospitals, as the health department's numbers differ from those provided by Chief Minister Jam Kamal. The  Balochistan  CM said that 94 patients are admitted at various hospitals across the province whereas the health department has said that the number of  COVID-19  patients hospitalised is 36, Geo News reported. In Quetta's Fatima Jinnah Hospital, 44 patients of coronavirus have been admitted as per the figures provided by Kamal, while the spokesperson from the health department said that 21 patients have been admitted. Similarly, the Chief Minister said that 21 coronavirus patients have been admitted to Civil Hospital, 25 at Sheikh Zayed Hospital and four have been admitted to Bolan Medical Complex. In contrast to this, the health department said that 13 coronavirus pa

Balochistan: Three FC soldiers killed in terrorist attack

Pakistan Web Desk May 09, 2021 In another terrorist activity in Sherbandi, Turbat, terrorists targeted soldiers, injuring 4 Share Next Story >>> Pakistani soldiers stand guard near the Afghan border in Ghulam Khan, a village in North Waziristan. — AFP. Three soldiers of the Frontier Corps laid their lives in the line of duty as terrorists launched an attack on them in Margret, Quetta, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement Sunday. According to the military's media wing, terrorists targeted FC troops deployed on security duties. During the exchange of fire, three soldiers laid their lives, while one sustained injuries. Those who embraced martyrdom include Lance Naik Syed Hussian Shah, Sepoy Faisal Mehmood, and Sepoy Nauman ur Rehman. Per the statement, in another terrorist activity in Sherbandi, Turbat, terrorists targeted soldiers patrolling the Pakistan-Iran Border. As a result of the attack, four FC soldiers were left wounded

Silk Route to KKH and CPEC

8 hours ago Masud Ahmad Khan       The  Silk Route  refers to all the routes leading west out of China to Central Asia, the Middle East, the subcontinent and beyond. In 1877, Baron Ferdinand coined the term  Silk Route  as he produced maps during his stay in China and depicted trade routes between China and Europe. Marco Polo was the one who claimed to have travelled the entire length of the  Silk Route , from Europe to China, in the 13th century. Mule caravans for centuries carried silk, tea and other goods from China to be bartered for gold and spices from the subcontinent. According to Rajatarangini, a link between Kashmir and Xinjiang, especially including the kingdoms of Khotan and Kashgar, has existed since ancient times. The locals call the route, to Kashgar from Gilgit, the  Silk Route  which starts in Gilgit along the Hunza River, reaches the Passu village and then crosses the river towards the Kilk pass to enter Taghdumbash (Xinjiang) and then to Tashkurgan, Yarkand and Kashg

China reluctant to clear $6 billion loan for CPEC project

ANI  |  May 9, 2021, 15:09 IST ISLAMABAD: China has shown reluctance to clear a $6 billion loan for the single largest project under the  China-Pakistan Economic Corridor  ( CPEC ) due to the growing concern over mounting debt.  The cost of the Mainline-I (ML-I) railway project was initially $9 billion but later it was reduced gradually to $6.8 billion. According to a report in The  Express Tribune , Chinese authorities are wary of Pakistan's ability to service its debt. " Beijing conveyed its concerns during a meeting held on March 30 to discuss financing modalities of the project, " the Pakistan government officials said as per the report. "The Chinese side have sought clarification regarding the possibility of raising further debt by Pakistan during currency of the IMF program. The Pakistani side clarified that debt situation is being monitored and there is no restriction under the programme to raise debt for viable projects ," Deputy Chairman Planning Commis