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Pakistan, Afghanistan & Uzbekistan Agree 573km Connecting Railway

 Mar 05, 2021 Posted by Silk Road Briefing An Afghanistan vista of part of the proposed route Trans-Afghan Railway To Provide Links From Russia, Uzbekistan Through Pakistan To The Arabian Gulf  Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan have agreed to a roadmap for the building of a 573-kilometer route from Mazar-e-Sharif to Peshawar, via Kabul. The project, at an estimated cost of US$5 billion, will open Pakistani seaports on the Arabian Gulf to Uzbekistan and continue Afghanistan’s gradual integration into the Central Asian economic system. We have previously discussed Uzbekistan’s desire to use Pakistan’s Gwadar and Karachi Ports as a gateway to the Arabian Sea in the article  here . In Uzbekistan, the Central Asian, landlocked country, the deal has been called the “event of the century” by Tanzila Narbaeva, the Chairman of the national Senate, noting it as “another example of Uzbekistan actively pursuing an open and pragmatic foreign policy.” There are however significant infrastructure

China’s rosy picture is at odds with realities on the ground during Covid-19

Foreign Minister Wang Yi and others have sung the praises of the initiative and promoted its goal of improving cross-border flows of people and goods The reality during the pandemic has been different, though, with China’s neighbours and partners frustrated by border closures, and goods facing lengthy delays Topic | Belt and Road Initiative Raffaello Pantucci Published:  5:15am, 9 Mar, 2021 There is no pause button for the  Belt and Road Initiative , Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during his expansive news conference on Chinese diplomacy during the annual Two Sessions summit in Beijing. Yet, look around China’s neighbours in Central and South Asia and the story looks very different. Closed or only partially opened borders, alongside stories of Chinese frustration at local partners, suggest at the very least a slow-motion button has been hit in several areas. While the initiative as articulated by Wang is focused on infrastructure development, China has repeatedly highlighted how infrast

Militant Attack on Pakistan Navy Vehicle Kills 1, Injures 2

By  Ayaz Gul March 7, 2021 07:56 AM FILE - A general view of Gwadar port in Gwadar, Pakistan, Oct. 3, 2017. Pakistani officials said Sunday that gunmen ambushed a vehicle transporting navy personnel in the southwestern Gwadar district, killing at least one sailor and seriously wounding two others.       The assailants targeted the Pakistani navy vehicle with automatic weapons Saturday evening near the coastal town of Jiwani, Zahoor Buledi, a minister for the province of Baluchistan, where Gwadar is located, told VOA.       The district is home to a Chinese-built and run deepwater port, a centerpiece of the multibillion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.       Buledi condemned the incident as a terrorist act, saying personnel from the navy’s Quick Response Force were on board the vehicle.       The Baluchistan Liberation Army, which the United States has declared a global terrorist group, took responsibility for the attack. It claimed the shooting killed four navy officers and wou

Should Chinese Have ‘Normal Life’ in Gwadar at the Cost of Baloch?

What will become of the ‘isolated’ Baloch while the Chinese have their own ‘playground’ in Gwadar? FRANCESCA MARINO OPINION Published:  08 Mar 2021, 5:29 PM IST Image of Chinese flag (R) and Pakistani flag (L) used for representational purposes. | (Photo: Arnica Kala / The Quint)    Get notified on latest news “The development of Gwadar Port is driving the economic development of Balochistan and even Pakistan as a whole. Moreover, Gwadar Port will become the nearest sea port for Afghanistan, Tajikistan and other Central Asian inland countries, and become a regional logistics and shipping centre .... President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi visited Gwadar and underlined the need to utilise Gwadar Port free zone area for transit trade with regional countries including Afghanistan. ” Interesting, isn’t it? This is one of the latest reports published by China Economic Net. As the saying goes: “Relevant Chinese enterprises have undertaken an enormous amount of work in the fields of joint operatio