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China to help boost capability of Gwadar police: diplomat

Published   28 Jan, 2021   07:00am BEHRAM BALOCH GWADAR: The Chinese consul general at Karachi, Li Bijian, has said that Beijing will continue providing equipment, training facilities and other help for increasing the capability of the police force in Gwadar. He was speaking at a ceremony held in the port city to hand over 40 motorcycles, 10 laptops and 10 security cabinets for check-posts to police officials. The equipment and other assistance were provided to the Gwadar police by the Chinese government under the Chinese aid programme. The diplomat lauded the security arrangements made by the police for the protection of Gwadar. The chairman of the China Overseas Port Holding Company, Zhang Baozhong, SSP Gwadar Dr Farhan Zahid and other officials were present on the occasion. The consul general inaugurated an embroidery learning centre set up by the Gwadar Women Development Organisation with Chinese assistance. Mr Li said Pakistan and China enjoyed cordial relations and with the passa

Balochistan: Where Even the Dead are ‘Abducted’

January 28, 2021 | Nilesh Kunwar         The news of Pakistani authorities taking away mortal remains of a deceased Balochi lady dissident living in self-exile abroad that had been brought back to her native place for burial may scandalise many, but not the people of Balochistan. Growing up seeing how innocent people who are brazenly abducted by Pakistani security forces either disappearing for good or resurfacing as battered corpses dumped by roadsides or buried in unmarked graves has inured them to tragedies of all sorts. So, being persecuted by the state and abandoned by the international community, for Balochis, there’s nothing unusual about the corpse of one of their own being ‘abducted’ by Pakistan’s security forces! The ‘abducted’ corpse was that of Karima Baloch and this incident is the latest manifestation of Pakistan’s institutionalised persecution of Balochis. Resident of Tump in Kech district of Balochistan, 37-year-old Karmia was a vocal critic of Pakistani army’s repulsiv