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BLA targeted Pakistani forces in Turbat

Turbat Attack 10th January 2020 Source: Social Media  The freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army today targeted a check post of occupying Pakistanj Army in Turbat. The enemy personnel were targeted when they were standing outside the checkpost, the attack injured four enemy personnel. Pakistani military and its intelligence agencies are settling non-Baloch from outside Balochistan in Turbat to use them against the Baloch freedom movement. Similarly on local level, Pakistani agencies are forming new death squads to form hurdles in front of Baloch movement. These death squads have committed crimes like abducting Baloch youth and murdering Baloch women and children. BLA confirms that these state collaborators are being monitored by our freedom fighters and these agents of enemy forces will be taken to a dreadful conclusion. Jeeyand Baloch Spokesperson - Baloch Liberation Army