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Terrorists abduct, execute 11 coal miners from Shia Hazara community in Balochistan

Abducted by armed terrorists while on their way to work in Maccha area of Pakistan's Balochistan province, the coal miners from the Shia Hazara community were paraded and shot dead from close range. India Today Web Desk New Delhi January 4, 2021 UPDATED: January 4, 2021 04:46 IST People gather around the bodies of the coal mine workers killed near Machh coal field on Sunday (Photo Credits: AP) In the latest attack on minority communities in Pakistan, 11 coal miners were abducted and shot dead by terrorists in Balochistan province on Sunday. Pakistani officials believe that the miners, all of whom hailed from the Shia Hazara community, were targeted because of their faith. The coal miners were abducted by armed terrorists in Balochistan's Machh area while on their way to work. Soon after, they were shot dead from close range. While six of the miners died on the spot, the other five succumbed on their way to a nearby hospital. The victims were paraded before they were executed, n

Despite odds, China continues to invest in Pakistan

In 2020, two countries maintained pace of work, expand cooperation Shakeel Ahmad Ramay  |  January 03, 2021     ISLAMABAD: Year 2020 proved to be yet another period of misunderstanding the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Rumours ruled the market and facts could not find a place in discussions. The situation aggravated in the wake of a disinformation campaign to malign CPEC and China-Pakistan relations. The year started with negative reporting in the international and local media, and the year closed with another wave of negativity. Debt trap, slow pace of CPEC projects and rolling back of Chinese investment were the major allegations levelled to run the smear campaign. The debt trap is a slogan which has been chanted for a long time. The purpose is to counter Chinese investment flow to Pakistan. First, it was used in Sri Lanka through a deliberate campaign. The purpose was to create fear among countries where China was planning to inject capital. No doubt, Sri Lanka is going t

11 Hazara coal miners killed by “religious extremists” in Mach

By admin January 3, 2021   Eleven miners killed and several others were injured in an attack on a coal field in Mach area of ​​Balochistan. The victims belong to the Hazara community. Police says gunmen abducted miners working in the Mach coal field and took them to nearby hills, where they were shot dead. Police said that more than 10 miners were also injured in the firing, many of whom are in critical condition. The injured were taken to Mach Hospital. Heavy contingents of police, administration and Fronter Crops (FC) has reached the spot after the incident. Authorities have not yet provided further details about the incident, but sources say the men belong to the Hazara community, and were allegedly killed by religious extremists after identification. Balochistan government spokesperson Liaquat Shahwani said that security forces had surrounded the area and started the investigation. “we will bring the terrorists to justice,” he vowed. It may be recalled that in Balochistan, members