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Transit to Afghanistan: ‘Strategic Endeavor’ carrying fertilizer arrives at Gwadar Port

This new initiative provides business opportunity generating employment for logistics companies and labor services and promoting trade facilitation, says Customs. Ali Ahmed   09 Dec 2020 Facebook Twitter Whatsapp As part of coordinated efforts between Pakistan Customs with the Ministries of Commerce and Maritime, a cargo ship “Strategic Endeavor” containing 22000 tons of fertilizer arrived at Gwadar Port for transit to Afghanistan after being loaded on bonded trucks instead of containerized cargo. As per the Customs, this new initiative taken by Pakistan Customs provides a rare business opportunity generating employment for logistics companies and labor services and promoting trade facilitation. This shall play a vital role in the regional maritime connectivity for China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), transit and transshipment for the rest of the countries in region along with ensuring national security and boosting Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan Customs in a statement said that it i

Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #6

 December 8, 2020 Posted by China Briefing Reading Time: 2   minutes Welcome to this week’s issue of China Briefing’s Belt & Road Initiative Weekly Investor Intelligence round up. As COVID-19 vaccines start to come to market, we look at the two different types of vaccines that are being developed, their pros and cons, and where across Asia distribution will commence and when.         Special Report: COVID-19 2021 Vaccine Distribution Across Asia We provide details of 40 countries in Asia and their plans for domestic COVID-19 vaccination distribution . China’s COVID-19 Vaccine Development and Availability China’s COVID-19 vaccines are expected to be rolled out soon; bulk manufactured and exported in 2021. China could likely mass inoculate citizens in any outbreak that crosses a certain threshold; the country is expected to develop herd immunity over longer term. The Sinovac vaccine (in limited roll-out) costs RMB 400. COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Outs in ASEAN & Asia – Live Updates by

The future of the Belt and Road Initiative

DEC 09, 2020 China’s massive infrastructure project to connect multiple continents will cost trillions of dollars. But how do Covid-19 and diplomatic relations affect the future of the project, and what does it mean for issuers that stand to benefit? The Silk Road was a transformational network of roads and maritime routes that ran through much of Asia, into the Middle East, around East Africa and into Europe. It spanned continents, lasted for roughly 1,500 years, had a profound effect on international trade and facilitated giant strides in technology, commerce, infrastructure and economics until its eventual demise in the 18th century. Its legacy was echoed in 2013 when Chinese leader Xi Jinping unveiled the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – formerly known as the One Belt, One Road Initiative – so much so that the government’s project is also known as the New Silk Road. The ambitious, decades-long initiative aims to address an infrastructure gap that exists across much of Asia, by crea

Effective working of institutions must for success of govt: CM

THE NEWSPAPER'S STAFF CORRESPONDENT QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani has said that success of any government depends on effective and transparent working of institutions which have people who work for national interest instead of self-interest. Speaking at a seminar, jointly organised by Anti-Corruption Estab­lishment and NAB’s Balochistan offi­­ce in connection with International Anti-Corruption Day here on Tuesday, he said that wrong decisions bred corruption which created unrest and anxiety in any society. The chief minister said that it was the responsibility of any government to take bold steps for stopping corruption in all sectors which was necessary for progress and prosperity of people in society. Mr Alyani said that nepotism had taken deep roots in our society and it must be eradicated to ensure merit and justice in society. Balochistan Chief Secretary reti­red Capt Fazeel Asghar, Balochistan University Vice Chancellor Dr Shafiqur Rehman, Inspector