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The Baloch American Congress Announced by Dr. Tara Chand

PR Newswire WASHINGTON, Nov. 30, 2020 WASHINGTON ,  Nov. 30, 2020  /PRNewswire/ -- The Baloch American Congress has been formed. The leader of the Balochistan National Party in the  USA  and a former provincial minister Dr.  Tara Chand  has announced the formation of a political organization, the BAC. Based in  Washington DC , the organization is to promote the cause of the Baloch national struggle for the right of self-determination and to fight for the safeguarding of socio-cultural and political rights of the Baloch Diaspora in  the United States . In a press statement released from  Washington DC , he said that the Baloch are at the crossroad of history. Historical events and injustices caused their homeland to be incorporated into the religious fundamentalist states of  Pakistan  and  Iran , the states which control the Baloch having no regard for democratic & human values. Through concerted, persistent, and organized efforts, they have brought the Baloch people to a point whe