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Pakistan’s ‘three evils’, CPEC and good governance

26 November 2020 Author: Shyam Tekwani, APCSS Setbacks to the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) continue to mount, having  spluttered along  since its announcement as a showpiece of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in April 2015. CPEC may be further impeded by the recent  alliance  between Baloch and Sindhi  separatist  groups against Chinese interests, escalating  security threats  from the so-called  ‘three evils’  in Pakistan —  terrorism ,  religious extremism , and  ethnic separatism .  Pakistan must rein in the ‘three evils’ through good governance if CPEC is to ever take hold. Pakistan has long struggled as a perpetrator and victim of the first evil, terrorism. Last month’s decision by the United Nations Financial Action Task Force to  retain Pakistan on the grey list  for failing to  dismantle terrorist  financial infrastructure, despite repeated warnings, is indicative of Islamabad’s  inconsistent  approach to countering terrorism. Pakistan’s  blasphemy law  remain

Baloch professor goes missing; Another incident of enforced disappearance?

Baloch professor goes missing; Another incident of enforced disappearance?         29 November, 2020 by  ANI Khuzdar [Balochistan], November 29 (ANI): A Baloch professor Liaquat Sani Bangulzai has been "adducted" while travelling to Khuzdar district in Balochistan along with two other university teachers on Saturday, officials said. The two other professors -- Prof Shabbir Shahwani and Prof Nizam Shahwani -- were later found in the Kanak area along Quetta-Taftan highway, Dawn reported. However, there has been no trace of Liaquat Sani. Officials of the Balochistan University said Dr Liaquat Sani had left Quetta on an official duty along with two other professors to visit the examination centres in Khuzdar, but they could not reach Khuzdar as unidentified armed men intercepted their car in the Mastung area and took them away at gunpoint. The vehicle was found abandoned in the Paringabad area of Mastung district and two of the teachers were recovered from the Kanak area. A spoke