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China Neican: 2 November 2020

China Neican: 2 November 2020 Fifth Plenum, 14th FYP, disinformation, pro-Trump and anti-CCP alliance China Neican Nov 1 China Neican is a newsletter by Yun Jiang and Adam Ni from the China Policy Centre in Canberra. It is also published as a  weekly column  on the  China Story blog . Neican 内参 or “internal reference” are limited circulation reports only for the eyes of high-ranking officials in China, dealing with topics deemed too sensitive for public consumption. Our writing, however, is open to everyone. To receive regular updates, please  subscribe . You can find past issues of Neican  here . In this issue we look at Fifth Plenum outcomes (leadership, 14th Five Year Plan, Vision 2035) and, disinformation and pro-Trump anti-CCP alliance. 1. Fifth Plenum The Fifth Plenum of CCP Central Committee concluded on Thursday in Beijing after four days behind closed doors. For background on the plenum, see Neican issues of  August 2  and  October 5 , and a  short video  made by Adam. In shor

Pakistan PM Imran Khan to launch ‘CPEC City’ project in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province

PTI    PESHAWAR:  02 NOVEMBER 2020 16:26 IST UPDATED: 02 NOVEMBER 2020 16:29 IST         The city will consist of education and commercial zones, public buildings, apartments, golf course, theme park and sports facilities, Federal Minister for Defence Pervez Khattak said. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will launch work on a mega city development project under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Rashakai town of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province on November 18, according to a media report. Federal Minister for Defence Pervez Khattak announced that the Prime Minister would launch the ‘CPEC City’ project while addressing a public meeting in Abakhel, Nowshera Kalaan on Sunday, the  Geo News  reported. The city will be constructed under the CPEC (project) and will consist of education and commercial zones, public buildings, apartments, golf course, theme park and sports facilities, the Minister said. Advertising Advertising He said a large number of industrial units would be set u

SITUATIONER: The killer highway in Balochistan

MUHAMMAD AKBAR NOTEZAI ON September 26, Dr Shaher Bano Sasoli wakes up early in the morning in Khuzdar district, in central Balochistan. After having her breakfast, according to her mother, Zarina Baloch, she texts ‘Good Morning’ to her fiancé Dr Aurangzaib Qambrani and sends a voice message to her brother Maqbool in Quetta, asking him to buy a shawl for her fiancé. Because her marriage has been fixed for a date in November, preparations are under way. She performs her duty as medical officer at a basic health unit to provide treatment to locals of Wahir village in a remote area of the district where she has to travel thrice a week. On Friday, she leaves her house, situated on Rabia Khuzdari road in the heart of Khuzdar town, with her brother Munawar in a red Vitz car (2004 Model). In less than 10 minutes, her car reaches the main RCD NA-25 National Highway, which connects the two provincial capitals Quetta and Karachi, via Arbab Complex. Sitting in the back seat, she asks her brother