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Crack Appearing In Pakistan, China Relations As Beijing Demands Higher Interest Under CPEC?

Published   1 day ago   on   October 30, 2020 By   Smriti Chaudhary Beijing’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) hailed by Pakistan and supported through the China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor (CPEC) has reportedly hit a new roadblock. Satellite Image Reveals How China Is Expanding Its Key Airbase, Just 160 KM From Arunachal Border he Main Line 1 (ML-1) is the biggest project under CPEC worth $6.8 billion. Under ML-1, a 2,655 kilometer railway line will connect Karachi in the South to Peshawar in the North of Pakistan. Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that “the project will revolutionize the railway service in Pakistan”,  Dawn  had reported   last month. He added that the project will create 150,000 jobs and a significant surge in the freight business after completion of the ML-1 project.   Meanwhile, China isn’t keen on the one percent interest rate on the loan demanded by Islamabad for financing the project. Reportedly, the project is financed jointly by Bei

BLA takes credit of exterminating 2 secret services personnel

Source: Social Media  Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) fighters shot killed two Pakistani intelligence officials in Noshki on Thursday. Baloch sarmachars attacked Pakistani intelligence personnel on Anam Bostan Road in Noshki city. Both the Pakistani intelligence operatives; Asghar and Shahid were killed on the spot. The Baloch Liberation Army warns those elements active against the Baloch nation and liberation movement that the BLA is aware of the nefarious activities of all such elements who are at the behest of the enemy conspiring to weaken Baloch people by creating conflicts amongst them. These elements are involved in harassing Baloch citizens, extortion, occupying lands and are directly active against the independence movement. If these anti-national elements do not stop their evil deeds, then all these local agents of the enemy will be taught a lesson. The Baloch Liberation Army reiterates its commitment to continue the attacks on the occupying Pakistani army and its local operativ