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How China can tighten its Belt and Road Initiative in Central Asia

Opinion China should veer away from large-scale, top-down investments and seek to work with local companies to build sustainable projects that benefit Central Asians and minimise government corruption Edward Lemon Bradley Jardine Published:  1:00am, 14 Oct, 2020 Updated:  11:54am, 14 Oct, 2020 This February, hundreds of residents of At-Bashy, a mountain town in Kyrgyzstan, gathered to protest against the construction of a new Chinese-funded logistics centre in the area. Holding signs reading “No Kyrgyz Land To China!”, the protesters argued that locals would see few benefits from the US$275 million project, designed to handle trade coming from the Chinese border some 140 kilometres away.   Tension over the new centre had been brewing for months, with at least three previous protests. Bowing to popular pressure, the Kyrgyz government cancelled the project.   China’s growing presence in Central Asia, a linchpin of the  Belt and Road Initiative , has not been welcomed by many locals. Feel

Baloch Student Protest Lost Scholarships and Reserved Seats in Punjab Universities

Baloch students may or may not get their demands met, but they are determined to draw attention to their right to education. By  Mariyam Suleman October 14, 2020 Credit: Mariyam Suleman ADVERTISEMENT Groups of outraged Baloch students are marching to Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad, demanding that the government roll back its decisions to curb annual scholarships and allocated reserved seats in universities of Punjab for students of Balochistan. This march started on October 10 from the city of Multan, around 302 miles away from the federal capital. With banners and posters in hands, the students marched through the roads of Punjab on their way to the capital. They shouted slogans like “Restore reserved seats and scholarship in universities of Punjab,” and “Anti-education policies, unacceptable!” Others took to social media to voice support for the protest, with the hashtag #BalochStudentsMarch4Edu. Long before their march to protest the government decision, the students set up a peace