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CPEC’s second phase people centric, directly benefits people by job creation, poverty alleviation: Ambassador Haque

Thu, 1 Oct 2020, 4:16 PM File Photo BEIJING, Oct 01 (APP): Pakistan Ambassador to China, Moin Ul Haque has said that the second phase of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was people centric and this flagship project would directly benefit common people by creating jobs, alleviating poverty and improvement in the livelihood. “In the second stage of CPEC, we are going into agriculture cooperation with China. Pakistan is an agricultural country and we need to modernize our agriculture system, upgrade yield of our crops and new seeds development.” “And all we can do under the CPEC projects which will be directly befitting people of Pakistan by job creation by alleviating poverty and improving the livelihood of people,” he said while talking in ‘The Point’ a current affairs programme of China Global Television Network (CGTN). Ambassador Haque said that CPEC since its launch in 2015 during President Xi’s visit to Pakistan had progressed very steadily. It was a very comprehensive proje

A focus on digital connectivity in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

    Maneha Tariq 6 hours ago China has been a strong player in the political, military and economic affairs of the Asia-Pacific region; the Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI) is, then, a natural progression of China’s influence. The BRI, in spirit, is meant to emulate the ancient silk route. Trade via the silk route included a huge network of strategically located trade posts and markets and it thoroughly streamlined transport, exchange, trade and distribution of goods beside silk.  Digital connectivity  Digital Silk Road  The BRI, in essence, encompasses the same concept. Regional connectivity has been the mainstay of the project; key sectors of development under the BRI are energy, transport, infrastructure, education, innovation, and socio-cultural exchanges. The growth of the internet and digital sector have also become important features of the project . Connectivity has undergone a drastic change in the 21st century. It is no longer limited to traditional roads and railways; it is, r

Getting CPEC right could lift Pakistan out of poverty

Country has developed a national consensus on the all-important Belt and Road Initiative 08:51 October 1, 2020 As CPEC takes shape and industrial zones are set up across Pakistan, attractive property markets such as Islamabad are expected to see a lot of demand from developers as well as investors Image Credit: ShutterstockSajjad Ashraf, Special to Gulf News The recent spurt in activity connected with China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has silenced many sceptics who were claiming that the Imran Khan led government is either not serious in pursuing the “flagship project of the BRI” (Belt and Road Initiative) for the lack of ability to cope up with the demands of such a high profile project. Some argued that Chinese are pulling back due to disillusionment with Pakistan’s weakening commitment on corruption. Over the last two years of IMF-imposed austerity, Pakistan’s crippling current account deficit and the incoming PTI government’s re-evaluation of the CPEC projects slowed the pace