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China Belt and Road plans for Australia face veto under new law

Bloomberg  Updated on  August 27, 2020 Prime Minister Scott Morrison | Photo Credit: Mark Graham This follows Victoria state govt signing an agreement last year to join President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative Prime Minister Scott Morrison is seeking new powers to veto or scrap agreements that state governments reach with foreign powers, in a move aimed at weakening China’s ability to gain influence in the nation through its Belt and Road Initiative. Advertising Advertising The legislation will be introduced next week by Morrison’s conservative government, which is in the midst of a deepening diplomatic spat with China. It will cover a broad range of sectors, including infrastructure, trade cooperation, tourism, cultural collaboration, science, health and education, including university research partnerships. It comes after the Victoria state government signed an agreement last year to join President Xi Jinping’s signature infrastructure-building BRI. The federal government may

'Things have got worse in Balochistan': Akbar Bugti's grandson appeals for global support

Brahmdagh Bugti Photograph:( Others ) Aug 25, 2020, 10.51 PM (IST) Balochistan is Pakistan's biggest and most neglected province. The region has been torn between insurgency and state-sponsored crimes. Pakistan's military is guilty of enforced disappearances, mass murder, arbitrary arrests and extra-judicial killings in Balochistan, making the province a text book example of human rights abuse. China's entry into the region, through CPEC, has made matters worse. Those living in Balochistan do not want to be a part of Pakistan, but speaking up for independence results in disappearance or death. In August 26, 2006, former Governor of Balochistan, and the tallest leader of the region, Akbar Bugti was assassinated by Pakistan's military. After 14 years of that incident, not much has changed. Pakistan's military continues to violate the Baloch, and their independence is not in sight. In an exclusive interview with WION's Executive Editor Palki Sharma, Brahmdagh Bugti