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Understanding the CPEC

Opinion Shakeel Ahmad Ramay August 15, 2020 In 2019, the World Bank released three studies, including ‘Common Transport Infrastructure’, ‘A Quantitative Model and Estimates from the Belt and Road Initiative’,... In 2019, the World Bank released three studies, including ‘Common Transport Infrastructure’, ‘A Quantitative Model and Estimates from the Belt and Road Initiative’, ‘The Belt and Road Initiative Economic, Poverty and Environmental Impacts’, and ‘The Belt and Road Initiative Economic, Opportunities and Risks of Transport Corridor’. The studies were conducted to analyse the potential impact of the Belt and Route Initiative including the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The studies produced substantial evidence which highlights the positive impact of the BRI and CPEC till 2030 (World Bank,2019). The studies highlighted the importance of CPEC for Pakistan and its role in the development quest of Pakistan. CPEC presents multidimensional benefits for Pakistan. It has been pre

BLA attacks 14 August event in Soorab

Source: Social Media Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) fighters attacked a so-called Independence Day celebration with a hand grenade bomb, yesterday evening in Soorab, Balochistan. The BLA claims responsibility for the attack. Sarmachars (fighters) attacked the Pakistani army and its local agents when they were celebrating an event. The establishment of the unnatural state of Pakistan was carried out by oppressing the independence of many nations in the region, including the Baloch. August 14 is the black day, when this region's largest colonial agent and watchdog came into being. Baloch people should celebrate this day as Black Day. Jeeyand Baloch, spokesman for the Baloch Liberation Army Dated: August 14 2020

Projects are making progress': Pakistan Army enhances security of CPEC

' IANS Updated Aug 14, 2020 | 11:14 IST The CPEC is a flagship $62 billion projects of Chinese President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road Initiative that aims to connect Asia, Africa and Europe through a vast network of highways, rail lines and sea lanes. Gwadar Port forms an integral part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor Islamabad:  The has said that security of the (CPEC) has been further enhanced. On Thursday, Major General Babar Iftikhar, director-general of army's media wing, the Inter-Services Public Relations, said all formations deployed for the security of CPEC has been further equipped and become more active, reports Xinhua news agency. Advertising Advertising "The security is a continuous process. It is a very big project. Its security requirements are increased as it is developed and makes progress. Security will be further enhanced," Iftikhar said when asked about the security of CPEC during a press conference in Rawalpindi. He said there will be no

Why Baloch, Sindhi, and Pashtun don’t celebrate 14th of August? – TBP Editorial

Why Baloch, Sindhi, and Pashtun don’t celebrate 14th of August? – TBP Editorial According to the Indian Independence Act, the day of Independence of both the dominions is 15th August, not 14th. It was only after 1948; Pakistan stopped celebrating Independence Day on the 15th. Historians like K.K Aziz have criticized the distortion of history in Pakistan. Many analysts today agree on the view that Pakistan chose to celebrate Independence Day on 14th instead of 15th only to carve out a separate political identity for itself. Nevertheless, the burning question is, why after 73 years, Baloch, Pashtun, Sindhi, and the people of Gilgit Baltistan are not ready to celebrate Pakistani Independence Day at all, many even observe it as a black day. After the partition of British India, East Pakistan was almost less than half of the total size of today’s Pakistan. It comprised of Punjab (without Bahawalpur State), Sindh (without Khairpur state), North-West Frontier Province (KP) without the states


Source: Social Media BLF JULY 2020 REPORT AND ARMED ACTIVITIES AGAINST PAKISTANI FORCES Foreward BLF is striving for a free Balochistan since its inception The core reason for the establishment of the organization has always been to reinstate the separate Baloch identity and regain motherland's sovereignty from the occupier Pakistan. With the founding of the organization, BLF along with armed struggle, began to create political and ideological awareness to Baloch nation and has endeavored to bring Baloch people from all walks of life together to join the armed struggle, so that the masses consciously, politically and ideologically get involved in the resistance. Because, the struggle for independence is impossible without the participation of masses. On the fundamental principle of freedom of occupied Balochistan, BLF is educating the Baloch nation to be ideologically and politically aware. Ideologically motivated BLF fighters, along with armed resistance, expanding the struggle wi

India plans to outbuild China in the Maldives

India-backed Greater Male Connectivity Project is a direct counter to China's Belt and Road Initiative in the island nation By  SUMIT SHARMA AUGUST 13, 2020 India plans to build a major bridge to connect islands in the Maldives. Image: Facebook MUMBAI – India has committed to build crucial infrastructure projects and invest in the Maldives in a counter to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).   India plans to help construct the Indian Ocean archipelago’s biggest civilian infrastructure project that will connect the capital Male with three neighboring islands Villingili, Gulhifahu, and Thilafushi with a 6.7-kilometer bridge and causeway. The project promises to fundamentally change the Maldives’ economy and topography surrounding Male through greater connectivity. The plan is part of India’s commitment to invest $100 million as a grant to develop the Greater Male Connectivity Project (GMCP). India will also provide a $400 million line of credit to the Maldives. A new industrial zo

Four persons allegedly detained by the Pakistani military in Karachi

August 13, 2020 Four persons, including two brothers from Khuzdar, have been allegedly detained in a raid by the Pakistani military in Karachi. According to the details, Karim Baksh and Moosa, sons of Allah Baksh and residents of Giresha, Khuzdar district of Balochistan, were staying with Gazzi s/o Beebagr and Nizam s/o Allah Baksh in Faqir Colony — they were detained along with their hosts by the Pakistani military. The detainees were relocated to an unknown location. The families of the detainees certified that the aforementioned persons were detained by personnel clad in military uniforms. The families have not been told about the crimes of the detainees. It is pertinent to mention that a slew of persons have been reportedly detained in Giresha, Khuzdar, by the Pakistani forces in the past few days.

A Baloch student has been killed in front of his mother and younger sister in Aabsir, Turbat

A Baloch student has been killed in front of his mother and younger sister in Aabsir, Turbat. He was shot at least ten times. According to details, Muhammad Hayat a student of Karachi University, who was on vacations in his hometown Turbat, was killed by enraged personnel of Pakistani Army on Thursday morning. He was summarily executed and shot at least ten times after a convoy of Pakistani military was targeted with an IED nearby. Muhammad Hayat was in his date palm field along with family when the Pakistani security forces were targeted with an IED fitted on a motorbike. According to locals, the security forces cordoned the area and resorted to aerial firing initially but then bundled many civilians including Muhammad Hayat. Hayat was initially punched and kicked while his sister and mother pleaded for mercy, the witnesses told TBP. However, he was then shot multiple times in front of his sister and mother, who have now approached Police to file a First Information Report (FIR). Acco