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The CPEC challenge and the India-China standoff: An opportunity for war or peace?

August 9, 2020,  10:09 PM  IST   Dr Anil Kumar Lal  in  RakshakIndia   |   India   |   TOI (The dynamics of the China-Pakistan-Economic Corridor (CPEC) are already causing unprecedented turbulence in the Himalayas along the India-China Line of Actual Control (LAC) as can be seen during the current standoff. China should calculate India’s strength and give diplomacy a chance by inviting India again to join the CPEC project. They need to offer a comprehensive ‘give and take’ package for ushering peace and stability in this region coupled with the reduction of trust deficit through a ‘Win-Win’ strategic treaty that can catapult their mutual rise). Part 1: The CPEC and its Implications on Regional Geopolitics and Geostrategy. 1. A military war between India-China will cause destruction on both sides, as China’s net assessment should also confirm the same. It will be a clash of wills of two nuclear-powered states with almost conventional parity due to the added advantage to the defender dep

Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army claims responsibility for Ghotki attack

By admin August 8, 2020   Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army, an armed Sindhi nationalist outfit fighting for separation from Pakistan, claimed the responsibility of the grenade attack on a Punjabi settler’s warehouse in Ghotki today. The attack was carried out on Saturday morning in the Mirpur Shahi Bazar by unknown assailants. Four persons were reportedly injured and moved to the District Headquarters (DHQ) in Mirpur Mathello. The police arrived at the scene and sealed the area. They gathered information about the attack, but no relevant arrests have been reported so far. In a written media statement, Sodho Sindhi, the spokesperson for the SRA, said that the Sindhi nation will never accept “Pakistani (Punjabi) occupation on Sindh.” The spokesperson said that 14 August, the Independence Day for Pakistan, is the “day of national slavery” for the Sindhi nation, as Sindh had been “occupied” by the “Punjabi imperialist.” The spokesperson said that the “artificial state” has been plundering the

Virus hastens distancing between China and Belt and Road's European partners

CNBC-TV18    •  August 09, 2020 12:32 PM IST By Sanjay Suri LONDON: The Chinese appear pushed to the back foot on just about every front now. Away from the very visible US ban on TikTok and WeChat, China is being snubbed into scaling down its ambitions right across Central and Eastern Europe, a region that is critical to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. There are clear signs that the 17 Central and Eastern European countries are cooling off towards China, Emilian Kavalski, professor in China-Eurasia Relations and International Studies at the University of Nottingham tells  CNBC-TV18 . “One clear example is that the annual summit that China has with the CEE countries has not taken place and very likely will not take place.” The official reason, he says, is the pandemic, but few of these countries have pushed for some online summit either. “The unofficial reason is that most CEE countries do not want to have the summit before the EU-China summit which was scheduled for September, and no

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Economic Prosperity at the Expense of Humanity

China’s Belt and Road Initiative, also known as the BRI, is an ambitious infrastructure and investment plan that is estimated to be worth anywhere from $1 to $8 trillion dollars over the next decade. Under the BRI, China finances and sends Chinese workers to build massive infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, railroads, pipelines, ports, and energy projects. Advocates of the BRI cite the economic potential of the ambitious plan with many studies showing that building infrastructure, especially in remote or underdeveloped areas, would significantly encourage increased trade, lower cost of goods, and increased corridor GDP, thus alleviating millions from poverty. However, the problem arises when countries that are eager to accelerate development and boost economic growth potential are trapped into predatory loan processes, compromise the environment, and turn a blind eye towards China’s blatant human rights violations, specifically against the Uyghurs. While the BRI is advertis

Gwadar Port to play vital role in boosting regional connectivity

Participants of an interactive meeting jointly organized by CPEC Authority, Chinese Embassy, Chinese Overseas Port and Holding Company (COPHC) expressed the hope that the Gwadar Port will turn into a major source of promoting prosperity and regional connectivity. The meeting themed as ‘Gwadar Port, Free Economic Zone’s Role in the Prosperity of Balochistan & Regional Connectivity” was held online, Gwadar Pro reported on Saturday. Zhang Baozhong, Chairman of COPHC, presented the latest progress of Gwadar. Through Gwadar Port, the transit trade to Afghanistan has begun for the first time. “It’s also the first time that the bagging of DAP fertilizer has been done in Pakistani port, instead of foreign ports. This move alone has created thousands of jobs for the local people,” Zhang Baozhong said. The investment in Gwadar Free Zone keeps growing. Despite Covid-19 pandemic, four plants and workshops have been completed and will go into operation this year. Furthermore, with 12 new invest

Gwadar cut off as flash floods hit parts of Balochistan

SALEEM SHAHID QUETTA: At least four people died, many others were injured and over a dozen others went missing in different parts of Balochistan, as torrential rains that lashed 22 districts of the province on Saturday caused flooding and damaged bridges and highways, cutting off Gwadar and some other areas with Quetta and rest of the country. The provincial disaster management authority along with other authorities concerned launched a rescue operation as thousands of people were stranded in flood-hit areas of Dera Bugti, Kohlu, Jhal Magsi, Nasirabad and Sibi districts where floodwater entered houses and submerged large swathes of land while mud-houses in villages collapsed. A bridge at the coastal highway linking the port city of Gwadar and other areas of Makran with Karachi and rest of the country washed away in the Padirak area of Gwadar district. In Bolan area, flash floods swamped and damaged the main Quetta-Sibi highway at various points, cutting off the area with the provincial