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Hidden Hand: How the Chinese Communist Party is reshaping the world

Every Western democracy is affected. As Beijing is emboldened by the feebleness of resistance, its tactics of coercion and intimidation are being used against an increasingly broad spectrum of people Author of the article: National Post & Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg Publishing date: Aug 04, 2020   •    •   6 minute read A member of the Chinese navy stands in front of a billboard showing Chinese President Xi Jinping photographed against a backdrop of Hong Kong, at China's Stonecutters Island naval base in Hong Kong, in a file photo from June 30, 2019.   PHOTO BY TYRONE SIU/REUTERS The following is an excerpt from  Hidden Hand: Exposing how the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World.   By Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg The comforting belief that democratic freedoms have history on their side and will eventually prevail everywhere has always been tinged with wishful thinking. World events of the past two or three decades have shown that we can no longer take the

With the BRI, China Still Has a Long Road Ahead

To determine whether China can deliver a better Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), we must first ask whether Beijing is first of all capable of delivering a better BRI? Accusations of practicing debt-trap diplomacy and new forms of colonialism have had some impact on Beijing’s thinking, resulting in its pivot in 2018 to commit to a new, greener BRI, but the foundation of its “grand plan” for implementing the BRI basically remains similar to when it started in 2013. Beijing’s BRI Hubris Comes at a Price READ MORE President Xi Jinping and the Communist Party of China (CCP) have put some good-looking window dressing on the basic package, but so far, many BRI host country governments would say not all that much has changed since 2018, when Xi announced a pivot. Beijing is very good at saying one thing and doing another, as numerous governments around the world have learned. As a result, BRI host nations will inevitably believe that Beijing has had a real change of heart when they see it. Deaf

SRA claims multiple armed attacks in various areas of Sindh including Karachi

By admin August 6, 2020   Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army has claimed the multiple attacks in Karachi city and other areas of Sindh. According to details, Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA) has taken the responsibility of the series of attacks on Jamaat_e_Islami’s ‘Kashmir Rally’ in Karachi, ‘Kashmir Train March’ in Kotri area of Sindh, Pakistan-Air-Defense-Janbaz-Center in Kotri, Pakistan Rangers check post at Malir halt in Karachi city and ‘Rana State Agency’ of Punjabi settlers in Nasir Colony of Korangi town in Karachi. The spokesperson for SRA, Sodho Sindhi said in a statement released to the media, “August 14 is the day of national slavery for the Sindhi nation, the day on which Punjabi imperialist occupied our land on the basis of its state coercion. The Sindhi nation will never accept Pakistani (Punjabi) occupation and religious extremism in Sindh, while defending its homeland.” “The artificial state of Pakistan has been looting the lands, resources and coastal areas of the Sind

Rashid Hussain’s sister reveals evidence of her brother’s extradition to Pakistan

By admin August 6, 2020   Fareeda Baloch, the sister of the missing Rashid Hussain, has provided evidence of her brother’s extradition to Pakistan from United Arab Emirates. In a tweet, Miss Baloch said: “Some people accusing me that I m spreading fake propaganda against UAE. But here are the proofs of illegal abduction and deportation of my brother I can give the copies of FIR we registered against illegal abduction of my brother. If you someone want more proof”. In the tweet she posted an official exit certificate for Rashid Hussain. The certificate, from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, ICA, was issued on July 7, 2019, and detailed Mr Hussain’s extradition from Al Bateen Executive Airport, Abu Dhabi, to Nushki, Balochistan. SOME PEOPLE ACCUSING ME THAT I M SPREADING FAKE PROPAGANDA AGAINST UAE. BUT HERE ARE THE PROOFS OF ILLEGAL ABDUCTION AND DEPORTATION OF MY BROTHER I CAN GIVE THE COPIES OF FIR WE REGISTERED AGAINST ILLEGAL ABDUCTION OF MY BROTHER. IF YOU SOMEON

Euromoney Belt and Road Results Index: Q2 2020

 By: Jeremy Weltman Published on: Wednesday, August 05, 2020  The Euromoney Belt and Road Index (EBRI) combines International Monetary Fund (IMF) GDP figures with investment climate (IC) scores sourced from economists and political experts who ranked countries on the Euromoney Country Risk platform. The index therefore combines qualitative, crowd-sourced opinion with quantitative data. Using these sources EBRI aims to provide a clear and credible index representing the politico-economic environment and investment climate. Q2 2020 Results Summary The latest results of the EBRI show values improving in Q2 2020, after falling in the previous quarter due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Of the 68 countries included in the EBRI, 40 have higher values since the previous quarter.  However, the number of countries with values larger than 100 is unchanged, at 49. They are in the top three (of five) categories, or tiers, showing rising GDP and/or improving investor climates since China’s Belt & Roa

CPEC’s strategic ML-1 project gets final nod

Ecnec approval paves way for loan negotiations with China Shahbaz Rana  |  August 06, 2020     PHOTO: AFP ISLAMABAD: The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) on Wednesday approved the strategically important Mainline-1 railway project of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) worth $6.8 billion, paving way for loan negotiations with Beijing, which would finance 90% of the cost. The government has found a middle ground to commence work on the project so that the concerns of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) about debt sustainability could be addressed.  In the first phase, Pakistan will undertake only $2.4 billion worth of construction work due to “Pakistan’s commitments to the IMF programme”, according to official documents.  The country has designed the “package-1” of ML-1 keeping in mind the IMF ceiling that restricts its spending on the project during its programme period at $2.5 billion. The ceiling will not affect the pace of construction as work o