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3 part report on how Pak, China trying to control sentiments in Pakistan, worry about conservative section 📍Part 1: Pak report finds religious journals discussing Uighur situation 📍Part 2: Report sent to Chinese mission; Mission asks to control sentiment, more feed back 📍Part 3: Report asks China to relax restric

Belt and Road Initiative:What they are saying

YAN YILONG Associate Professor at Tsinghua University  Chinese economic development during the COVID-19 pandemic " Chinese companies should better diversify their target markets and shift more focus to developing countries as the pandemic ravages many of the country’s traditional key trading partners [...] As a transcontinental program that improves connectivity and increases trade, the Belt & Road Initiative will play a pivotal role in helping Chinese companies explore new overseas opportunities. " BRUNO MAÇÃES Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and author of “Belt and Road: A Chinese World Order” On the future of the Belt and Road Initiative amidst the COVID-19 pandemic " Covid will create some short-term problems, but it can also open up some opportunities. The global recession or depression will reduce prices of assets that China might be interested in acquiring. That’s an important part of Belt and Road. Covid might make these things easier, but

Online newspaper the Current Balochistan announces merger with The Balochistan Post

Online newspaper the Current Balochistan announces merger with The Balochistan Post Media Network August 3, 2020 Balochistan-based online news network the Current Balochistan has announced to merge unconditionally with The Balochistan Post Media Network after a meeting with The Balochistan Post Editorial Board on Monday, agreeing with the TBP’s editorial policy and decided to carry out journalistic responsibilities in the future from TBP platform. The Current Balochistan is an online news network in three languages, Balochi, English and Arabic. For the last two years, it has been using various social networking sites as a platform to reach its readers with real news and realities of Balochistan. In a meeting on Monday, the team of Current Balochistan News Network announced that it fully agrees with the editorial policy and procedure of The Balochistan Post, and unconditionally merging with TBP. The online pages, blogs and other platforms of the Current Balochistan will cease to exist i