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Coronavirus recovery: China’s Belt and Road is the ideal route for developing nations

Opinion There can be no global recovery, especially for developing countries, without a recovery in the cross-border flow of capital, goods and services As a cosmopolitan, high quality and sustainable network for investment and trade, the Belt and Road Initiative can make a vital contribution to restarting the world economy Mukhtar Hussain Published:  10:05pm, 29 Jul, 2020 Updated:  11:04pm, 29 Jul, 2020 The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a crisis for every economy. At the same time, it has also created an opportunity for the  Belt and Road Initiative  to prove its value as an international partnership that serves the international good.   Amid a fragmented global response to the virus, this network of 138 countries is uniquely positioned to channel trade and investment to developing countries that lack the resources to revive their own economies.   China cannot do this by itself, though: no country can. If the initiative is to deliver on its potential to support global recovery, it must


27 JUL 2020 - 10:11  DOWNLOAD PUBLICATION  (PDF)   Aiming to contribute to a better understanding of China’s Digital Silk Road (DSR) and its implications for Europe, this Clingendael Report analyses the concept, objectives and activities of the digital subset of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. China Standards 2035 (a blueprint to set global standards for the next generation of technologies), as well as Beijing’s cybersecurity law and push for digital sovereignty, call attention to the DSR’s normative dimensions. China’s moves in the digital domain warrant closer scrutiny. The European Union and its member states need to act on the DSR’s economic and normative challenges to European industrial competitiveness and European ideas about digital sovereignty, individual privacy, a data-driven society and free flows of data. Download the  report . Follow  @BrigitteDekker_ ,  @MaaikeOh  and  @Clingendaelorg  on Twitter.

Risks associated with United struggle by Baloch and Sindh Millitant groups

BRAS ( Baloch Freedom Fighters United) and SRA( Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army) has officially announced to struggle united against occupying forces of Pakistan. Here are the risks associated with this move. ✔ One, ISI will find it easier to infiltrate. So, keeping secrets could become difficult. ✔Two, Baloch will not be able to attack Sindhi labourers working on CPEC. If smart, Pakistan will bring Sindhi labour. ✔ Three, dilution of the growing focus of the Baloch groups. Hpwever, if properly managed, benefits could far outweigh the losses.