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China’s new Silk Road passes through Tehran

BARIA ALAMUDDIN July 19, 2020 18:34 6598         Short Url As the Russian naval expert Captain Anatoly Ivanov has pointed out: “From the coast of Syria, there is an opportunity to control not only the eastern part, but the entire Mediterranean Sea.” Since time immemorial, whichever empire dominated the Mediterranean — the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, classical Arab civilization, colonialist Europe — enjoyed universal supremacy and vast wealth. Wrangling for influence in Syria between the new “Axis of Evil” states — Russia, Iran, Turkey and China — is thus part of a wider struggle for supremacy through the Central Asian “Silk Road” into the Mediterranean basin. “The Silk Road is not a silk road if it does not pass through Syria, Iraq and Iran,” according to senior Assad adviser Bouthaina Shaaban — an apparent expression of her regime’s receptiveness to being trampled underfoot by powers seeking to dominate this corridor. While Russia has a head start with

Axis of Evil’ asserts the right to pillage and burn

BARIA ALAMUDDIN July 18, 2020 23:54 6293         Short Url It would be misleading to characterize Iran, Russia, Turkey and China as allies. They are frequently rivals, and on some fronts (Turkey and Russia in Syria and Libya, for example) are effectively enemies. Yet it is fair to describe these states as mutual enablers. This is because they collectively and aggressively advance their interests through sabotaging global mechanisms of justice and conflict resolution. As permanent members of the UN Security Council, China and Russia habitually shield each other and their allies from the consequences of overseas aggression, domestic repression and arms proliferation. It has consequently been many years since the Security Council has been an effective and relevant body, while related institutions have fallen into decrepitude. These new “Axis of Evil” states desire to be hegemonic powers — sharing a nostalgia for past eras, when powerful imperialist states devoured

Anti-polio drive kicks off in Balochistan

Campaign will focus on selected UCs of Quetta Mohammad Zafar  |  July 21, 2020       PHOTO: REUTERS QUETTA: A five-day anti-polio virus campaign in selected Union Councils of Quetta has resumed on Monday after a suspension of four months due to the coronavirus pandemic across Balochistan. At first, the UCs of the provincial capital close to drainages were kept in focus as thevirus samples collected from the sites found positive and indicated active virus circulation posing threats to other children under the age of five, according to a statement issued. Balochistan Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) Coordinator Rashid Razzaq said in the statement more than 110,000 children would be administered anti-polio drops. He added 541 teams would participate in the drive, including 395 mobile teams and34 static teams. “We will ensure the compliance of guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs) proposed by the government of Balochistan and World Health Organisation (WHO) to prevent the spr

Not a single inch of gas transmission line laid down in Balochistan in FY2018-19

ONCE AGAIN NEGLECTED | 430,411 consumers added whereas 366 new towns, villages were connected to gas network by SNGPL in Punjab and KP 9 hours ago Fawad Yousafzai       Islamabad. -Despite the second largest gas producing province in the country Balochistan was once again neglected as not a single inch of gas Transmission line was laid down in province during 2018-19. During FY 2018-19 an addition of 24 Km in Transmission Network was undertaken by SSGCL in the province of Sindh, however no new transmission line was added in the province of Balochistan, said OGRA annual report 2018-19 released here Tuesday. In 2017-18, during the PML (N) government, SSGC had added 23 KM transmission line in Balochistan and 34 KM in Sindh. Similarly in 2018-19 SSGC had undertaken the addition of 660 Km in the distribution network and added only 157 Km distribution network in Balochistan while in Sindh 503 KM distribution network was added Regarding the number of consumers added / towns & villages con

At least 1 dead, 7 injured in explosion in Balochistan's Turbat

Syed Ali Shah  |  Ghalib Nihad Updated 22 Jul, 2020 A damaged vehicle at the site of the explosion. — DawnNewsTV People at the site of the explosion. — DawnNewsTV A damaged vehicle at the site of the explosion. — DawnNewsTV People at the site of the explosion. — DawnNewsTV A damaged vehicle at the site of the explosion. — DawnNewsTV At least one person was killed and seven others injured in an explosion in a bazaar in Turbat, Balochistan on Tuesday. Police and rescue teams have reached the area. The injured have been shifted to District Headquarters Hospital, Turbat. Officials said that miscreants planted an improvised explosive device (IED) in a motorcycle parked outside a shop in Turbat. A number of vehicles have reportedly been damaged. Police sources said it was yet to be confirmed who was the target of the blast but all the injured were civilians. Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Al

Bomb blast in Pakistan’s Balochistan province kills 1, injures 8

Police said was it yet to be ascertained who was the target of the blast but those injured in it were civilians. PTI 21 July, 2020 Bomb blast in Turbat, Balochistan | Twitter Karachi:  A powerful bomb blast ripped through a busy market in Pakistan’s restive Balochistan province on Tuesday, killing one person and wounding eight others, police said. The blast took place in Turbat and a number of vehicles were damaged in the attack. The bomb was planted in a motorcycle parked outside a shop in Turbat and killed one person and injuring eight others, a senior police official said. The injured have been shifted to a hospital for treatment, the officer said. “A number of vehicles have also been damaged in the blast,” he said. It was yet to be ascertained who was the target of the blast, but all the injured were civilians, police said. Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Alyani condemned the attac

CPEC, Gwadar and Chabahar: Changing regional geopolitics

Dr Muhammad Khan PRESIDENT Hassan Rouhani has expressed more than once that upon their operationalization, Gwadar Deep Sea Port of Pakistan and Chabahar Port of Iran can supplement each other as sister ports. In 2002, Pakistan started construction of Gwadar Port with the help of China purely for the economic purposes. Upon its completion in 2006, its operational responsibilities were given to Port of Singapore Authorities (PSA) in February 2007. Unfortunately, PSA could not put it into operation and later in 2013 these responsibilities were given to China. As per contract, the port which will remain as Pakistani property however, it will be operated by the state-run Chinese firm; China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC). Owing to its proximity with Iran, Oman and other GCC states, it was also envisioned that Gwadar Port and its huge storage facilities can be utilized for the neighbouring states and heavy weight petroleum shipper companies. In a way, this port was envisioned to attai

Why PM Modi’s 'Dravidi Pranayam' Failed at Chabahar

Diplomacy Why PM Modi’s 'Dravidi Pranayam' Failed at Chabahar In 2016, India, Iran and Afghanistan signed an agreement to establish a transit and transport corridor using the Chabahar port. This was an alternative route and so roundabout that it was the equivalent of taking one’s hand behind one’s head to reach the nostril. 12 hours ago | Sudheendra Kulkarni         An Iranian guard looks on at oil docks at the port of Kalantari in the city of Chabahar, 300km (186 miles) east of the Strait of Hormuz. Photo: Reuters No offence meant to the great Dravidian culture, but it is necessary to use the metaphor of ‘ Dravidi Pranayam ’ to describe Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s major foreign policy failure at Chabahar port in Iran. Before I tell you what ‘ Dravidi Pranayam ’ is, let me state my main argument upfront: the failure at Chabahar can be corrected only if India — in cooperation with China, Pakistan, Afghanistan

Why Papua New Guinea may never benefit from China’s Belt and Road

22 Jul 2020  by  David James   Leave a Comment Papua New Guinea signed up to China’s Belt and Road initiative in 2018 but this is unlikely to result in significant investment, according to Dinny McMahon, author of  China’s Great Wall of Debt . He tells  Business Advantage PNG  that China’s foreign exchange challenges are to blame. Credit: Pexels For years, China has been spending billions of dollars on President Xi’s ambitious Belt and Road initiative, a vast infrastructure spend aimed at helping and influencing neighbouring regions. But changes in the country’s foreign exchange position have led to a strategic reversal. Dinny McMahon tells  Business Advantage PNG  that the change in China’s policy towards offshore investments dates back to 2016. ‘Most people still assume that the Belt and Road is about China handing out fistfuls of cash left right and centre,’ says McMahon. ‘It is ju