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Ignore the financials, China’s Belt and Debt Initiative is paying dividends

John Dobson Published July 18, 2020, 11:00 PM BRI is not globalisation but Chinese dominance, control, penetration and resource extraction.   London:  Seduction is a powerful weapon and nothing seduces governments more than money. When President Xi Jinping announced China’s massive infrastructure project, One Belt One Road Strategy in 2013, it soon became clear that there was a problem with the title. Seduction is best carried out covertly, and the word “strategy” raised the suspicion of “dominance”, and “one” was seen as “China”. In other words, OBOR was interpreted as “Chinese dominance”, which gave the game away. So instead, Beijing in 2016 settled for the more discreet term  Belt and Road Initiative  (BRI), seduction with an inscrutable Chinese smile. Nowadays, however, many countries seduced by BRI are beginning to realise it should really have been called Belt and Debt Initiative. The “belt” has turned out to be a constraint on their sovereignty and the “road” has led them to a d

Baloch families seek answers from Pakistan as more disappear amid insurgency

4 min read   .   08:10 AM IST Reuters The insurgency in Balochistan, a sparsely populated, mountainous, desert region bordering Afghanistan and Iran has sometimes waned and sometimes intensified But for all the durability of the Baloch struggle, the conflict has seldom drawn international attention Topics Balochistan Pakistan KARACHI/QUETTA  : For over 11 years relatives of people who disappeared in the murk of a separatist insurgency in southwestern Pakistan have gathered outside the Press Club of Quetta wanting to know who took their fathers, husbands and sons. The daily sit-in protest in the provincial capital of Balochistan began on June 28, 2009 after a doctor, Deen Muhammad, was abducted by "unknown men". Relatives suspect Muhammad, like many other missing ethnic Balochs, was snatched by Pakistani security forces hunting separatists, who f