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Balochistan govt to cancel fake domiciles of federal employees working on provincial quota

July 05, 2020 Mastung deputy commissioner cancelled domiciles of 400 people, says Balochistan chief minister Jam Kamal Khan says decision of the government to cancel the fake domicile was the first of its kind as no previous government had taken the issue of fake domicile seriously. Photo: GEO.Tv.File QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan late Saturday announced the cancellation of fake domiciles of federal employees working on Balochistan quota. The chief minister had directed all the deputy commissioners to scrutinise the domiciles after which he said 400 had been cancelled by the Mastung deputy commissioner. "Mastung deputy commissioner cancelled domiciles of 400 people who had obtained jobs in the federal government departments on Balochistan’s quota. "This is the first decision of its kind and for the first time in Balochistan any government taken such a step," he said. Separately, Balochistan Governor Amanullah Yasinzai said the issuance of fake domicil

Yes, Baloch Freedom Fighters of the BLA attacked Karachi Stock Exchange

 3 hours ago  Vivek Sinha Baloch freedom fighters who attacked the Karachi Stock Exchange on June 29. Several impostors have begun to lay claim over the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) in their desperate effort to derail the Balochistan’s freedom movement. One of them is Hyrbyair Marri who is making bogus claims about BLA. It was Monday, June 29, when news first poured in about the attack at Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi. This was ‘Breaking News’ and was promptly flashed across all television news channels, portals and news agencies. But in a zest to race ahead of their competitors, journalists across the world, especially those in India made a blunder. Even before there could be any confirmation about the perpetrators of Karachi attacks the headlines started screaming: “Terrorists attack the Karachi Stock Exchange,” followed by similar tweets, memes and Facebook posts, all of whi

Baloch Liberation Army | Fighting through generations

A police officer stands guard next to a bullet riddled window at the Pakistan Stock Exchange building after an attack in Karachi, Pakistan on June 29, 2020. | Photo Credit:  Reuters Kallol Bhattacherjee 04 JULY 2020 22:32 IST UPDATED: 04 JULY 2020 23:22 IST         New leaders are using both overt and covert tactics to oppose the Pak. state The June 29 attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange that claimed at least eight lives brought back attention on the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) as well as the complexity of the Baloch militancy. In an email to the media, a group called the Majeed Brigade, claiming to represent the BLA, said the attack was carried out by Tasleem Baloch, Shehzad Baloch, Salman Hammal and Siraj Kungur. The claim immediately triggered a protest from the BLA. Spokesperson Azad Baloch claimed that the four were already expelled from the BLA. His statement indicated that the attack was part of Iranian effort to malign the group because it had not compromised with Iran. The B