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CPEC is China-Pakistan corruption corridor. This challenges Indian security in new ways

India has always factored in a possible Chinese front in war with Pakistan. Now the second front will also have to be considered in the punishment strategy. TARA KARTHA 8 June, 2020 A file image of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan with Chinese President Xi Jinping | Photo: @ForeignOfficePk | Twitter A committee in Pakistan recently presented a sensational 278-page inquiry  report  to the Imran Khan government about the country’s power sector, where Chinese companies are heavily involved. It exposed a sordid tale of corruption, collusion and, of course, politics. That explains why the inquiry committee included the Inter-Services Intelligence, or the ISI, and why the report will never be made public. From power companies to airport construction to highways and safe city projects, Pakistan is now an ‘interest’ to Beijing at several levels, including personal profi

Drugs, arms seized; three arrested in Balochistan

BEHRAM BALOCH QUETTA: The Pakistan Coast Guards (PCG) on Sunday seized a huge quantity of narcotics and illegal arms and arrested three suspected smugglers in Gwadar district. A PCG spokesperson said after receiving information about a plan to smuggle narcotics and presence of illegal arms his organisation conducted an operation in Gwadar and recovered 8kg of ice from a double cabin cruising vehicle on the outskirts of the port city during snap checking and arrested three smugglers. The PCG also seized 1,200kg of hashish from another place during a search operation. The hashish was found dumped by smugglers for its shipment abroad through Makran coast. It also recovered a satellite telephone set, 28 prohibited magazines along with writing materials, six telescopes, 10 bandoleers, two pistols, five chargers, 19 wooden body parts, two weapon slings, two fake number plates of government vehicles and small weapons. The arrested smugglers have been handed over to authorities concerned for i

China’s High-Security Compound at Gwadar: Should India Worry?

Opinion By Kuldip Singh Published : 08 JUN 2020, 07:45 PM IST Recent reports indicate that China is building several new high-security complexes at the Gwadar Deep Sea Port (at western-end of Pakistan’s coastline in Balochistan). Earlier, in March 2017, Chinese military sources had spoken about deploying Navy Marines at Gwadar and Djibouti to defend Chinese interests overseas. When viewed alongside China’s overall activities in the Indian Ocean, it does seem that Beijing is likely looking at using Gwadar as a dual-use, economic hub-cum-military base. China had first evinced interest in Gwadar in 2001 as the end point of a trade corridor connecting Kashgar (Xinjiang) to the Arabian Sea through the Karakorum Highway. The aim was to drastically reduce the trade transit costs and time between its north-western regions and markets in the Middle-East/Africa. China completed the initial development of Gwadar Port in 2006, and the same year, signed an agreement with Pakistan to upgrade the Kar

China Is Weaponizing Globalization

The Chinese Communist Party has turned global ties into its own tools. BY   MATT SCHRADER JUNE 5, 2020, 9:35 AM An outdoor screen shows live coverage of Chinese President Xi Jinping attending the closing session of the National People’s Congress in Beijing on May 28. WANG ZHAO/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered calls in many countries for a  reexamination  of their relationship with China. In places like Australia and the Czech Republic, these calls have built on  preexisting doubt , emerging from the realization that actors linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may be interfering with democratic political processes in “ covert, coercive, or corrupting ” ways. In a  recent report  for the German Marshall Fund’s Alliance for Securing Democracy, I examined what makes this interference distinct from other authoritarian actors like Russia. The report finds that the party’