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Analysis | China’s Belt and Road Initiative fuels Ladakh standoff

This April 28, 2018 file picture shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping interacting in a house boat, at East Lake, in Wuhan. | Photo Credit:  AFP Atul Aneja NEW DELHI:  04 JUNE 2020 14:03 IST UPDATED: 04 JUNE 2020 17:49 IST         When India abrogated Sections of Article 370 and separated Ladakh as a Union Territory from Jammu and Kashmir, China appears to have activated its plan-B, culminating in its latest intrusion China’s latest  intrusion in Ladakh , apparently to fortify Aksai Chin may have its roots in the Wuhan informal summit of 2017, after which, Beijing has juggled with a range of options to engage and   restrain India   to protect its core interests. After the Wuhan  informal summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping  in April 2018, China activated the diplomatic track in order to arri

China: End of the Belt and Road?

 By: Elliot Wilson  Published on:Thursday, June 04, 2020  Mainland Chinese firms invested $72.2 billion in Africa between 2014 and 2018, much of it through the Belt and Road Initiative. Now that Covid-19 has struck, there is a growing sense of unease in Beijing over calls to write off debt to stressed African states. Chinese president Xi Jinping Read all Euromoney coronavirus coverage In April 2019, analysts at Rhodium Group in Hong Kong sat down to assess the financial viability of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). What they found surprised them. The second Belt and Road Forum had just wrapped up in Beijing and policymakers in the mainland and beyond were starting to voice their concerns. Western leaders feared that China was drowning the emerging world in general, and Africa in particular, in a new wave of debt. Officials in Beijing pushed back against charges of ‘debt-trap diplomacy’, but they were beginning to stick. China had internal reasons to fret. From the outset, the BR

European leaders see India as an alternative amid US-China trade tensions

COVID-19: European leaders see India as an alternative amid US-China trade tensions French MEP Thierry Mariani at a webinar said that countries across the world were relying too heavily on China and need to look for alternate markets. Shubham Bose Updated On:  June 04, 2020 07:16 IST During a recent webinar, Members of the European Parliament and experts expressed their belief that the time has come for the European Union to look for alternatives to China. According to reports, many European leaders participating in the discussion said that India being a diplomatic nation would serve as a good partner for European investments. Read:  COVID-19: Italy Reopens Borders To Europe, Scraps Mandatory 14-day Quarantine Rule Europe must search for alternatives As per reports, the web event was organised by the Economic Development Foundation, Istanbul (IKV) which is a non-governmental research organisation that specialises in European Union and Turkey-EU relations. A member of the European Parli