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How Chinese prospectors exploit local miners to cash in on Nigeria’s gold

How Chinese prospectors exploit local miners to cash in on Nigeria’s gold Published May 17, 2020 ‌ Ihuoma Chiedozie The absence of a ready market for Nigerian artisanal miners to sell their products paved the way for Chinese nationals to take over the illegal mining of gold in the country, investigations  by SUNDAY PUNCH have revealed The Chinese are largely behind the smuggling of gold out of Nigeria, a lucrative venture which has resulted in the loss of billions of dollars in revenue for the Federal Government. Our correspondent learnt that Nigerian miners’ lack of capacity  and failure to enforce mining laws by  the government  also contributed to the domination of the Nigerian mining sector by Chinese. Although not many Nigerians are aware that the country  possesses huge  gold deposits, operators in the mining sector say a market in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, is exclusively dedicated to the sale of Nigerian gold smuggled out of Zamfara. About 17 Chinese were recently arreste

Exploitation of Home-Based Workers in Balochistan

By  Contributors  -   May 23, 2020   Arbaz Shah Their meal of Aftar (Fasting) is different from others in society, simple home baked bread with gravy, dates and juice. Living simple life-style looking after her family, she works 10-hours a day sitting home stitching Pashtun cultural embroideries and designing for earning. With weak eye-sight and poor physical strength she still hopes she will earn adequate in this subsequent season of religious-eve Eid-Ul-Fiter, which will bring joys for her 3 children and a paralyzed husband, Because the dress rate hikes 500 rupees when there comes a season.  Zareena Jamal 43 has been stitching embroideries for nearly a decade, she got married in her 16 and gave birth to Rehman her first and only son two years after when she just reached eighteen. Living in the mid-east of Karbala a town in Balochistan province of Pakistan with fifty thousand population in her small sized home she survives miserably with her husband Jamal, son Rehman and two daughters


.        PAKISTAN: UNIQUE ORIGINS; UNIQUE DESTINY? THIRD REVISED EDITION (hb) Author: JAVED JABBAR ISBN: 9789696373742 Year: 2017 Publisher: PARAMOUNT BOOKS (PVT) LTD. Category: PAKISTAN Edition: 3 Format: Hard Cover Language: English Pages: 282  ABOUT THE TITLE Introduces many aspects of Pakistan largely unknown or unacknowledged … with precise, proven facts … extensive research and analysis … very pertinent … concise, easy-to-read … direct, straightforward.” —Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani, Prime Minister of Pakistan, 2008–12. “A carefully researched, thoroughly analytical, persuasively argued and eloquently written work … a must-read … for all Pakistanis and for all those interested in South Asia.” — from the foreword by HEC Distinguished Professor Sharif Al-Mujahid, (Sitara-i-Imtiaz). “ ... a brilliant study ... well-researched ... a must-read ... to re-discover Pakistan ... ” —Ashish Shukla, India Quarterly. “Objective and innovative about what constitutes nation-hood in Pakistan. Moves a

People of Balochistan deserve better

Published   May 24, 2020   05:24am COMMENT: People of Balochistan deserve better MOHAMMED HANIF MORE than 45 years ago, Jamil Ahmed, a young civil servant posted in the border areas of Balochistan, started writing a novel based on his experiences. The Wandering Falcon came out when Ahmed was 78, long after he retired after serving as the chief secretary of Balochistan. The ‘wandering falcon’ or Tor Baz of the title is a dapper young Baloch wanderer who is a witness to random atrocities but usually has no role in them. Tor Baz, is a fascinating character — sometimes a hustler, sometimes a saviour, never at the centre of the story, ‘familiar but unknowable’, as a reviewer wrote. He is the kind of person who does not wield a dagger but is grateful if asked to wipe the blood off the floor after the dagger has been put to use. Jamil Ahmed, in one of the very few editorial asides in the novel, wrote: “There was complete and total silence about the Baluch, their cause, their lives and their d