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Indian Democracy: The Envy of Islamic Supremacist Pakistan

Indian Democracy: The Envy of Islamic Supremacist Pakistan ANI |  Updated:  May 18, 2020 10:25 IST By Dr  Amjad Ayub Mirza Glasgow [Scotland], May 18 (ANI): The constitution of Pakistan bars non-Muslims from becoming the head of the state. Ahmed Muslims were declared non-Islamic by a parliamentary amendment in the constitution in 1974 and are not allowed to participate in the general elections unless they sign an oath proclaiming the finality of the Prophet Muhammad. Hence a Hindu, or an Ahmedi or a Christian or Sikh cannot hold the highest civil office in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Yet every other Pakistani TV anchor, populist politician and an array of Islamic demagogues point their finger towards India criticising it for imaginary  religious discrimination  claiming that Muslims in India face discrimination on the basis of their faith. The constitution of the Republic of India guarantees equal rights to all of its citizens without any kind of discrimination. Hence, Dr Zakir H

Family of Pakistani journalist await truth of his death in Sweden

Pakistan Family of Pakistani journalist await truth of his death in Sweden Sajid Hussain’s body was found in a river abroad after his work earned him death threats at home Hannah Ellis-Petersen  and  Shah Meer Baloch Thu 14 May 2020 03.10 EDT It was late at night on 30 April and Wajid Hussain was still in his office when the phone rang. A voice on the other end, 5,000 miles away from him in Pakistan, brought news that felt like a punch to the stomach: police in the Swedish city of Uppsala confirmed that a body found in a river a week before was that of his older brother, the exiled journalist Sajid Hussain. Sajid had been missing for almost two months. According to Uppsala police, while an autopsy has been carried out, the exact cause of Sajid’s death has yet to be determined. “Initially there was a suspicion of him being murdered,” said Karin Rosander, a spokesperson for Uppsala police. “Those suspicions have now lessened but we have nothing definite right now.” Yet for Sajid’s family

The Belt and Road Initiative: Economic Development for All or a Geopolitical Power Play?

The Belt and Road Initiative: Economic Development for All or a Geopolitical Power Play? Andrew G Ross Commentary ,  18 May 2020 Irrespective of the economic outcomes, the Belt and Road Initiative has created a new core–periphery relationship in China’s favour. In  2013 , Chinese President Xi Jinping unveiled his  Belt and Road Initiative  (BRI), invoking the ancient Silk Road as he announced China’s latest plan for its continued economic development. Reviving the trade routes and cultural exchanges that linked the major civilisations of Asia, Europe and Africa, the  World Bank  suggests the BRI could improve connectivity and cooperation on a transcontinental scale across more than 70 countries. In 2019, the  Centre for Economic and Business Research  forecast that Beijing’s plan to connect East with West is estimated to add 4.2% to global GDP by 2040. However, while the BRI is

Kech: Multiple attacks on Pakistani forces by Baloch Militants

Current Balochistan Date:  18 May 2020 Author:  Admin 0 Pakistani Forces were attacked by Baloch militants in different areas of district Kech in Balochistan. Accoridng to details, various attacks on Pakistan forces by Baloch militants groups took place in kech area of Balochistan, during last 24 hours. As per sources, Pakistani forces were attacked today at ealier morning in Mand area of kech district. No information has been provided by the district administration in this regard yet. While a Baloch Militants group Baloch Republican Army’s (BRA) spokesman in a media released statement claims the responsibility of the attack. Beebagr Baloch said that it’s fighters attacked Pakistani army’s check post in Chokaap Kaur area of Mand, district Kech with multiple weapons while they were engaged in initiating a new checkposts. killing Two army personnel while another was wounded. He added that forces from this particular check-post were involved in operations against the Baloch civilians in s

Balochistan's flour mills to shut in protest against non-supply of wheat

THE NEWSPAPER'S STAFF CORRESPONDENT QUETTA: Flour millers in Balochistan have decided to close their businesses indefinitely across the province in protest against a ban imposed on inter-district and inter-provincial movement of wheat. “We have decided to close our mills before Eidul Fitr for an indefinite period and lay off all labourers,” said Syed Saleh Agha, Chairman of Balochistan Chapter of the All Pakistan Flour Mills Association, after presiding over a meeting of the association’s execute committee on Saturday. He said: “We are going to take up the issues facing the millers to the central committee of the All Pakistan Flour Mills Association and take a decision our countrywide protest.” He criticised the provincial food department and said that the ban on wheat movement and non-supply of wheat to flour mills would cause an increase in the prices of flour and wheat in the province. Mr Agha said that the industry was on the brink of collapse due to suspension of wheat supply

Pak Army’s Major Nadeem was killed along with ‘Death Squad’ members in Balochistan

Nilesh Kunwar Major Nadeem Abbas Bhatti (standing in centre) with members of his ‘Death Squad’ (encircled in red). These 'Death Squad' members are seated with weapons supplied by the Pakistan Army. Two men (seated second from left and on extreme right) are holding Pakistan Army issued H&K G3 Rifles while another person (seated second from right) is armed with an H&K MP5 sub-machine gun.   What Director General (DG) of Pakistan Army’s media wing Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) told us about the improvised explosive device (IED) attack on a Frontier Corps vehicle on May 8 in Kech district of occupied Balochistan was that it had claimed the lives of six Pakistan Army men (including an officer identified as Major Nadeem Abbas Bhatti). What DG-ISPR didn’t mention was that besides these six security force personnel, three minors who were travelling in the same vehicle were also killed in the IED blast and we learnt of this from none other than Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, th