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Tally of doctors catching coronavirus tops 59 in Balochistan

By  mohammad zafar  May.02,2020 Balochistan health staff tally of Covid-19 reaches 98 QUETTA:  Healthcare professionals and staffers continue to be in harm’s way as the provincial tally of doctors diagnosed with coronavirus reached 59 in Balochistan. Doctors in Quetta remained the hardest hit by Covid-19. Eight more doctors tested positive recently. Four nurses also caught the virus while performing their duties. 35 other medical staff members have also been infected with the virus up till now, raising the total number of cases from the health department to 98. All the aforementioned patients have been isolated at home while 10 of them have recovered. It is pertinent to note that a senior dispenser in Sandeman Civil Hospital passed away due to the coronavirus. Balochistan witnessed a massive rise in Covid-19 cases, as healthcare protectors are also among the most affected by the virus. Doctors, paramedics and other health department staff have been urging the government to provide them

Victim Of A Sinister Campaign': Pakistani Journalists Face Retribution Even In European Exile

April 10, 2020 10:01 GMT By  Frud Bezhan Daud Khattak Pakistani blogger Ahmad Waqass Goraya says he was physically assaulted outside his home in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, where he lives with his family. Pakistani blogger Ahmad Waqass Goraya fled his homeland after he was threatened, kidnapped, and tortured by authorities. But even in Europe, where he has lived in self-imposed exile for over a decade, Goraya fears for his life. In February, he was physically assaulted by two men outside his home in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, where he lives with his family. Since then, he has received online death threats. "I always feel in danger of being attacked or becoming the victim of a sinister campaign," Goraya told RFE/RL by phone from the Netherlands. "You always feel that someone is waiting for you on the corner of a street." The liberal blogger is not alone. In Europe, there has been a recent spate of attacks and harassment of Pakistani journalists, bloggers, and acti

Gwadar Port: NewDubai or pie in the sky?

ADNAN AAMIR For all its ambition, Pakistan’s flagship BRI project has all the makings of a flop. The small port town of Gwadar, in the south-west of Pakistan, is the centre stage of the $50 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, the Pakistan component of ther Belt and Road Initiative. Under CPEC, Gwadar is to be developed into a smart port city, and will be not only a major commercial port but also a developed urban centre in its own right. In February, Shahzeb Khan Kakar, director-general of the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA),  told  an association of builders in Karachi that Gwadar’s new masterplan had been approved and the port city would become the Singapore of Pakistan. He called Gwadar, which has a current population of 85,000 people, “the safest city in Pakistan”, and encouraged builders to invest. Under the GDA-approved  masterplan of Gwadar , the city will be divided into 11 functional zones and a special economic district, and the population is projected

Dishonoring dead bodies by Pakistan shows its lack of human dignity and hatred towards Baloch nation: BNM

Current Balochistan Date:  1 May 2020 Author:  Admin 0 The Chairman of Baloch National Movement, Khalil Baloch, and Secretary-General, Dr. Murad Baloch in their joint statement paid tribute to martyr Major Noora and his companions. They said that the Pakistan army martyred them in a ground and aerial military operation in Parom area of Panjgur. After killing the martyrs their bodies were despoiled and dishonored. This act of Pakistani army reflects what Pakistan as a country lacks i.e human dignity and Pakistan’s inherent hatred towards the Baloch nation.  Statment further added Pakistan army flouted human dignity, war ethics, and international laws by tying the bodies of Baloch martyrs and dragging them behind vehicles. Such brutal acts and tactics of “outrage upon personal dignity” display their hatred against the Baloch nation. “Such crimes by the Pakistani army have also taken place in previous instances e.g in Mashkay, the Pakistan army did a similar barbaric act by despoiling the

Another Baloch student goes missing from kech

Current Balochistan  Date:  1 May 2020 Author:  Admin Student of Philosophy in Karachi university was arrested and disappeared by Pakistani forces and intelligence agencies from Kech area of Balochistan. According to details, Shahab Rahmat Baloch, a student of Philosophy at the University of Karachi, was abducted from his home in Turbat, Kech, last night. At about 2 AM, dozens of Frontier Corps soldiers along with intelligence officials in plainclothes raided his home and whisked him away without showing any warrant for his arrest. His mother, Shahida told Balochistan Times that, “I was cooking Sahoor when about 50 soldiers stormed our home,” his mother, . “They took away my child.” She says that she asked them why they were abducting her son but they had no answer. She was horrified by the number of soldiers in their compound. “The neighbouring houses were raided too.” Shahab is a 21-year-old graduate student at the University of Karachi. He was occasionally vocal about the students’

Sajid Hussain: Swedish police find body of missing Pakistani journalis 01 May 2020

BBC   Asia Share this with Email   Share this with Facebook   Share this with Twitter   Share this with Whatsapp Image copyright RSF Image caption Sajid Hussain (family photo) Police in Sweden say they have found the body of Pakistani journalist, two months after he went missing. Sajid Hussain, the editor of an ethnic Baloch news website, fled Pakistan in 2012 after getting death threats and was granted political asylum in Sweden. A press freedom charity had suggested Pakistani intelligence was behind Hussain's disappearance in early March. But a Swedish police spokesman told the BBC their initial investigation did not suggest any foul play in the death. Hussain, who was 39, was last seen boarding a train in Stockholm on his way to the city of Uppsala on 2 March, according to the press freedom charity Reporters Without Borders (RSF). He was to collect the keys to a new flat but he did not get off the train in Uppsala, RSF said, quoting police. The charity said it was possible he ha

Missing Balochistan Times Editor Sajid Husain Who Chronicled Human Rights Violations In The Region, Found Dead

Insta By Swarajya Staff May 01, 2020 at 5:59 PM Editor in Chief of  Balochistan Times  Sajid Husain who chronicled various human rights violations in the restive Pakistan controlled region has been found dead following his mysterious disappearance a few weeks ago, The news of his death was  announced  by  Balochistan Times  and confirmed by  New York Times  journalist Declan Walsh.usain who hailed from Balochistan had worked in various mainstream Pakistani publications but was  forced  to flee the country in 2012 following a string of disappearances in the province. He himself was threatened by security officials while helping  Reuters  write a story on the disappearances and had soon to flee the nation. Over the next five years he lived in various countries like Oman, UAE and Uganda before ultimately taking asylum in Sweden in 2017. After settling in Sweden he founded the  Balochistan Times  which focused on the atrocities and human rights violations by the Pakistani authorities and t

China's post-pandemic shopping spree: how coronavirus strengthens the Belt and Road Initiative

The Sydney Morning Herald By Eryk Bagshaw and James Massola May 1, 2020 — 11.47pm A former French Ministry of Defence official dialled into a US Congress hearing this week from her study with a warning. “We are now only beginning to pick up weak signals of Chinese ambitions on the international stage,” she said. “We should not wait for them to be fully implemented to start thinking about policy options.” The verdict, delivered by Lowy Institute senior fellow Nadège Rolland to the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission on Wednesday, carried with it an implicit threat: China is coming. Faster, bigger and more assertive, empowered rather than enfeebled by the pandemic that shut it down in January. Right now, nations across the globe are focussed inwards on their health crises as the pandemic shuts down economies worldwide to save lives. But most countries will emerge from their lockdowns cash-strapped and looking for investment lifelines. China, likely to be the first major econ