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Pakistan will use international aid meant to fight the COVID 19 pandemic for military purposes. Dr. Murad Baloch

Date:  23 Apr 2020 Author:  Admin 0 Dr. Murad Baloch, Secretary-General of the Baloch National Movement, while commenting on the military operations in Balochistan and the situation of Coronavirus expressed his concerns that Pakistan like in the past will misuse international aid to build up its military as well as to suppress the oppressed nations. Pakistan’s history is a witness that this state had always used international aid for military purposes. In the same way, the outbreak of coronavirus is a gift from nature for the Pakistani army. This is evident from a TV interview of federal minister Sheikh Rashid where he is openly saying, if this epidemic had not come, Pakistan would have gone bankrupt, and God is supporting Imran Khan. BNM Secretary-General said that for several decades Pakistan had been getting international aids from world organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), in order to eradicate polio but Pakistan did not take any action. The reasons are obv

Mand: 12 Pakistani military personnel eliminated in BRAS attack

Current Balochistan Date:  23 Apr 2020 Author:  Admin 0 On Thursday 23 April 2020, the media office of Balochi Raaji Aaajohi Sangar (BRAS), an alliance of four Baloch armed organisations namely Balochistan Liberation Front, Baloch Liberation Army, Baloch Republican Army and Baloch Republican Guard released a statement on behalf of Baloch Khan, the official spokesperson of the alliance. In the statement BRAS has officially taken responsibility for the attack carried out on Thursday in mountainous regions near Chak Aaap and Sheeraz in Mand, Balochistan. Mr. Baloch Khan added that, In the fierce attack the freedom fighters of BRAS eliminated at least 12 members of Pakistani personnel. The multipronged attack was carried out simultaneously on a Pakistani military outpost and a convoy. “The Pakistani troops targeted have been involved in a military operation against civilians for more than a week now in different areas of Kech, Balochistan. In fact, the convoy targeted today was on its way