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Harnai: Two coal miners killed in trolley accident

Current Balochistan Date:  14 Apr 2020 Author:  Admin 0 The accident took place in the Lay zehri area of ​Habib Vinichi where Nematullah Waleed Haji Moosa Vinci Mill Colony and Akhtar Mohammed Hakeem Vinichi died on Monday. The bodies of the two men were handed over to the relatives after necessary action at the labor hospital Harnai. Every year, dozens of workers lose their lives due to accidents in coal mines in Balochistan. Major causes of accidents include lack of modern mining facilities

UAE abducted my son at Pakistan’s behest – Rashid’s mother

Current Balochistan Date:  15 Apr 2020 Author:  Admin 0 Rashid Hussain’s mother alleges UAE abducted her son at the behest of Pakistan. Mother of a missing person Rashid Hussain said in statement “I am the mother of Rashid Hussain Baloch, my son Rashid was abducted by UAE intelligence agencies at the behest of Pakistan. Sheikh Mohammed, who had been befriending Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, abducted my son and deported him to Pakistan after six months of detention in UAE. She stated, in duration of two and half years of his disappearance, he hasn’t been seen by his family or lawyer, neither in Pakistan nor in Dubai. Rashid’s mother said that Rashid’s extradition report was broadcast by three Pakistani TV channels. Now we have advocated for him in Pakistan. I go everywhere including Quetta, Karachi, but no information is available regarding him. She appealed that now in the days of this outbreak, I appeal to Sardar Akhtar Mengal, along with representatives of the government of Pa

Western economic, health, and political standards could complicate China’s global aspirations

  April 15, 2020    0 Comments Emil Avdaliani States all over the world stand to lose a great deal economically from the coronavirus pandemic. But in the case of China, there is an additional significant dimension to the crisis: the West will grow increasingly distrustful of Beijing, which will further widen an already gaping geopolitical divide. Calls in the West for an economic decoupling from China as well as increasing demands that Beijing comply with Western economic, health, and political standards could complicate China’s global aspirations. Economic troubles The coronavirus pandemic will undoubtedly have an impact on China’s economy. Consider, for example, the US-China trade deal, the first phase of which took effect in February. That phase stipulates that Beijing will have to buy an additional $200 billion in US goods over the next two years. Though the Chinese government has said the country will comply with this requirement, it remains to be seen whether Beijing will be able

Pak-Afghan trade surplus decrease by 5.31pc in 8 months: SBP Business Recorder by  on  April 14, 2020 Overall Pakistan's exports to other countries witnessed an increase of 2.64 percent in eight months, from $16.009 billion to $16.433 billion, the SBP data revealed. The overall imports into the country decreased by 17.51 percent, from $35.945 billion to $29.651 billion, according to the data. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's goods and services trade with Afghanistan witnessed decrease of 5.31 percent in surplus during first eight months of current financial year (2019-20) as compared to the corresponding period of last year. The overall exports to Afghanistan were recorded at $728.315 million during July-February (2019-20) against exports of $777.153 million during July-February (2018-19), showing negative growth of 6.28 percent, according to State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). Overall Pakistan's exports to other countries witnessed an increase of 2.64 percent in eight months, from $16.009 billion to $16.433 billion, the SBP data reveal

Eight new Covid-19 cases found in Balochistan

THE NEWSPAPER'S STAFF CORRESPONDENT QUETTA: Eight new cases of the new coronavirus were reported in Balochistan on Tuesday. Among the newly infected people were a senior official of the Quetta district administration and a doctor. With another doctor testing positive for Covid-19, the total number of doctors infected by the virus in Quetta reached 15. Four medical technicians, a paramedic and six employees of the DG Health Directorate had already tested positive for coronavirus. According to the daily situation report of the Health Directorate of Balochistan, 13 more coronavirus patients in Sheikh Zayed Hospital have recovered, taking the tally of people who have fully recovered from the disease to 137. It shows the recovery percentage from the disease is over 54 per cent. The report said more patients would soon be discharged from the hospital. It said 16 coronavirus patients were now under treatment in Sheikh Zayed Hospital. Officials said that 92 people had so far been infected

Traders in Sindh, KP, Balochistan announce to resume businesses tomorrow By   News Desk  - April 14, 2020 Traders in three provinces-Sindh, Kyber Pakhtunkhawa and Balochistan- on Tuesday announced to resume their business operations from April 15, apparently challenging the extension in the coronavirus-led lockdown by the federal government. However, the business community in Punjab has urged government to permit activities for a limited time. The announcement comes from traders at a time when Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his address to the nation on Tuesday, extended the lockdown till April 30. The premier said some industries such as construction would be allowed to operate from Wednesday (tomorrow). Traders in Karachi said they would resume operations from April 15 and that they would follow preventive measures. A representative of the Karachi’s traders community told reporters that the business community couldn’t afford the imposed restrictions anymore. “The businessmen have paid their employees a month’s salary, but will we be

Traders in Balochistan have rejected the two-week extension in the lockdown

QUETTA: Traders in Balochistan have rejected the two-week extension in the lockdown announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan and decided to open their businesses in the province. Speaking at a press conference after holding talks with the government, Abdul Rahim Kakar, president of the Anjuman Tajiran Balochistan, said that his organisation had decided to fully support the lockdown imposed by the provincial government till April 21. He, however, said that in the first phase dry-fruit market, shops of dates, agriculture products and tailors and restaurants would open in Quetta from Wednesday. The restaurants would only sell food in parcel, he added. Flanked by Syed Qayyum Agha, Hazrat Ali and other leaders, Mr Kakar said the traders had supported the lockdown till April 7, which was extended by the provincial government till April 14. “We have already suffered huge financial losses due to the lockdown, but we cannot tolerate further losses,” he said and added that they had informed the pr

Doctors in Balochistan are being forced to buy their own protective gear to guard against coronavirus Health Muhammad Ejaz Khan April 14, 2020 Health experts warn that the number of healthcare professionals falling ill could further rise Prime Minister Imran Khan (second from right) on a visit to Quetta. Photo: File QUETTA: Nearly 18 doctors have tested positive for the coronavirus in Balochistan, bringing the total number of medical staff infected by the virus to 30 in Pakistan’s poorest and most underdeveloped province. The latest to contract the deadly virus was a physician at the state-run Civil Hospital in Quetta, who was sickened while tending to patients. As of now, all diagnosed medics, including doctors and nurses, have been quarantined or isolated at their homes. Health experts warn that the number of healthcare professionals falling ill could further rise in the coming day, as more doctors are tested. Also read:Misery, pain and grief abound as stranded British-Pakistanis appeal for help The province in total has tested only 3,000 plus people. On April 13, as low as 72

CPEC in changing political landscape of the world

Pakistan Observer   News desk 4 hours ago Mohammad Jamil In the whole world, Coronavirus has killed more than hundred thousand of peoples so far, and the world economy is collapsing. Two months ago, China was the most affected country, and analysts and pundits presaged that its projects especially One-Belt One-Road and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would be adversely impacted. However, the epidemic situation in China has now been effectively controlled. So even if there was a little impact, it proved temporary. There is every possibility that the construction of the CPEC will continue to advance smoothly as planned; rather it will be resumed with renewed vigour after the victory over Coronavirus. The first phase of the construction of the CPEC had been very successful. After 22 major energy and transportation infrastructure projects having been put into operation, Pakistan’s socio-economic development was on trajectory of rapid development. Prime Minister Imran Khan is keen t