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Why Balochistan Needs Women’s Day

The Diolomat Despite some little progress, women in Balochistan are still a very long way from equality. By  Mariyam Suleman March 10, 2020 Credit:  Wikimedia Commons/ Mostafameraji ADVERTISEMENT International Women’s Day made headlines throughout the Pakistan long before March 8, and this time Balochistan was not lagging behind. My WhatsApp groups were flooded with debates. Some demanded that Baloch women should not fall prey to all those “nasty” slogans – meaning calls for women’s rights, as seen in the  annual Aurat March  — while others called attention to historic stories that supposedly prove how “equal” Baloch culture and society have always been. Still others cited figures showing more women in the workforce and higher literacy rates than ever before. But all this seemed overly self-congratulatory. There are definitely more Baloch women being educated and joining the workforce than ever before, but that is still a very small portion of their overall population. And in most of t

Mining Sector: Balochistan government has notified an unprecedented increase of about 300 per cent

ISLAMABAD: In a surprising development, the Balochistan government has notified an unprecedented increase of about 300 per cent in fees, rents and royalties in the mining sector, which may adversely affect the business of various sectors involved in the industry. The government, through a notification issued on March 3 this year, had shocked the industry by enhancing fee related to leasing process and rates of royalties without even taking the stakeholders on board. Interestingly the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), following the notification by the provincial government, has also subsequently issued new rates/fee/royalties for the mining sector. According to officials of the All Pakistan Marble Mining, Processing Industry and Exporters Association (APMMPIEA), the unprecedented rise in royalties and fees would suppress already dwindling mining activity further as it would not only cause loss in revenues to the provincial government but also would depress overall mining activity. In a pr