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Our mother languages Balochi & Brahui- Shay Rehmath baloch

Date:  21 Feb 2020 Our mother languages Balochi & Brahui. Author: Shay Rehmath baloch Current Balochistan Today I am writing about our national languages, as we all know that for a Nation, it is very important to have cultures, costumes, traditions, and languages, If we look a glance to our languages, which are Balochi and Brahui, We should Work on for the development of our languages, to promote our national needs and for the identity of our nation. We should struggle to keep alive our Identification. As we know that there is none such institutions for learning our languages both Brahui and Balochi are in the lack of knowledge. We can not find sources easily about these two languages, but from the past, it is much batter, because now there are so many people working on Brahui and Balochi. In past, there were so many great peoples who worked for Balochi and Brahui to make it easy for our upcoming generations, like us, I am Very Glad that our Young generation is Working for Our lang

BALOCHISTAN: Attaining Freedom – Sreevidhya

Current Balochistan February 22, 2020 “What is this Truth to which we seem to be awakened in the human consciousness? Can I become independent is the question?” Sarvam paravasam Durham, dependence is death. Everything has failed, everything is hopeless, and the world is not going to help us. Nobody can give it to you and nobody can take it from you. A sword can cut your head but it cannot cut your freedom, your being. The story of mighty Baloch fighters put you in grieves. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness shall become a pleasant fact for Balochs. The land of hospitality and brave people, popularly known as Balochistan comprises of around 45 percent of Pakistan’s landmass. It can be divided into two parts: the northern districts that are almost entirely populated by the Pashtuns; and the central and southern districts (including the entire coastal belt) that are almost entirely Baloch. The total number of Baluch is estimated at between fifteen and twenty million. The distinct