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Munich Security Conference: US-Chinese confrontation hangs over summit 14 hours ago Flaggen USA China The war of words between the US and China at the summit cast a shadow over diplomacy efforts. While the US offered dire warnings about China's influence, China said the West should accept its different system. US Secretary of State  Mike Pompeo  began his speech at the  Munich Security Conference  on Saturday by defiantly rejecting the motto of this year's gathering: "Westlessness." "The West is winning, we are collectively winning. We're doing it together," Pompeo declared to the delegates sitting in the palatial main hall of the Bavarian hotel. He went on to list what he believed were the West's achievements, insisting on the power of democracy to foster prosperity. "Free nations are simply more successful than any other model that's been tried in the history of civilization," he said, before remarking of the refugee crisis: "you don't see the world's vulnerable people risking their l

Enforcement of security for overseas loans Enforcement of security for overseas loans By Wang Jihong and Huang Guanli, Zhong Lun Law Firm 17 February 2020 0 I n 2017, the Export-Import Bank of China launched a RMB130 billion (US$18.74 billion) special loan to support implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Following the theme of the previous two articles, this article will exemplify a project in a certain African country that the authors represent and probe the issues that may arise in practice during the enforcement of security for loans, and corresponding solutions. Difference in concept of law Wang Jihong Partner Zhong Lun Law Firm It is unavoidable that national conditions and histories of different countries give rise to different legal systems. Chinese enterprises should pay special attention to the legal systems unique to the host countries joining the BRI when they engage in specific legal affairs. When security is created for a loan, Chinese enterprises should consider whether the security

Raisani calls for inquiry into govt’s foreign debts   ​ our correspondent  Feb.17,2020 Says province will avert Centre’s attempts to exploit its resources QUETTA:  Senior leader of Balochistan National Party- Mengal (BNP-M) Nawabzada Haji Lashkari Raisani has condemned the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement regarding paying foreign debts through gold in Reko Diq. “I believe that the Prime Minister is oblivious of the country’s constitution because selling out any province’s natural resources would be tantamount to sedition with the constitution,” Raisani said as he slammed the rulers in the Centre for “doubling country’s foreign debts,” adding that despite looting Balochistan’s natural wealth, they still jeopardised the country’s economy, “Balochistan’s natural gas runs industries in other provinces but 90% of its population is deprived of it,” Raisani lamented. “Every single individual in Balochistan will avert the federal government’s attempts to exploit provincial resources hence all political forces should show uni

CPEC and recycling zones Opinion Syed Akhtar Ali February 17, 2020 Waste or scrap is both an asset and a liability. If one can retrieve good materials economically and responsibly , it can create economic opportunity, promote industrialization and generate... Share Next Story >>> Waste or scrap is both an asset and a liability. If one can retrieve good materials economically and responsibly (environmentally speaking), it can create economic opportunity, promote industrialization and generate employment. However, if a country cannot process waste properly and encourages waste imports based upon low-paid workers, that waste may be a liability. China has developed out of poverty by, among others, processing and recycling the waste imported from industrialized countries. It has stopped it because it does not need it any more. It has its own materials, if not waste, to utilize. And it wants to clean up. The world plastic recycling trade alone has been a $200 billion per year business handlin