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China vows to house all coronavirus patients. Treatment isn’t guaranteed Needs of female medical workers overlooked in coronavirus fight, advocates say Photo: Xinhua/Xiao Yijiu Photo: EPA-EFEby Viola Zhou 605 SHARES The Chinese government has vowed to take all coronavirus patients into hospitals and quarantine centers. But in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, some patients in those facilities are struggling to get medical attention. When Peng Bangze, a food delivery driver, sent his father to a quarantine site in Wuhan, the epicenter of the  coronavirus outbreak , he hoped the 59-year-old would get the treatment he needed. The older man, a construction worker, fell ill on January 28. He was coughing, running a fever and having difficulty breathing. A CT scan showed he had infections in both lungs, Peng said.  On February 5, he was taken to the Sunny Sky Inn in Qiaokou district. The building had been converted into a temporary quarantine center. At that time, Peng said, community officers promised that his father would be tested for the

Five more polio cases found in KP, Balochistan

IKRAM JUNAIDI  |  SALEEM SHAHID ISLAMABAD/QUETTA: Just two days before the start of the nationwide polio campaign, apart from Karachi where it has been preponed by one week, the National Institute of Health (NIH) has confirmed five more polio cases from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Balochistan. Due to inclusion of the latest cases, the tally for current year has reached 17, while 144 cases were reported in 2019, 12 in 2018 and only eight cases in 2017. As per the current year’s data, 10 cases have been reported from KP, five from Sindh and two from Balochistan. “Four (latest) cases from KP have been reported from Lakki Marwat district. A 22-month-old boy, resident of Ghundi Hassan Khel Union Council (UC), Bettani tehsil, has been infected with polio. The second victim is an 18-month-old girl, resident of Kotka Arab Khan UC, Bettani tehsil. The third child is a 17-month-old boy, resident of Bakhmal Ahmad Zai UC, Serae Naurang tehsil and the fourth an 11-month-old girl, resident of Abba K

A terrorist state like Pakistan has done nothing for refugees- BNM

Date:  15 Feb 2020 Author:  Admin 0 A terrorist state like Pakistan has done nothing for refugees- BNM “Dear Secretary General Antonio Guterres, you’re visiting Pakistan to acknowledge its efforts in aiding Afghan refugees and hosting them. However, it is doubtless that Pakistani intervention in Afghanistan has been the biggest factor in creating Afghan refugees”, Pro-independence poltical organization Baloch National Movement expressed these views on social networking site Twitter on Sunday, when the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is scheduled to arrive in Pakistan today for the four-day visit. BNM @BNMovement_ Dear Secretary General @ secgen @ antonioguterres , you’re visiting Pakistan to acknowledge its efforts in aiding Afghan refugees and hosting them. However, it is doubtless that Pakistani intervention in Afghanistan has been the biggest factor in creating Afghan refugees. 17 1:51 AM - Feb 16, 2020 Twitter Ads info and privacy 27 people are talking about this

Balochistan: Operation continues, Several ‘Forcefully disappeared’

Current Balochistan Date:  15 Feb 2020 Author:  Admin 0 Several persons were forcibly disappeared during operations and raids in various districts of Balochistan. According to details, Pakistani security forces carried out several operations and raids in Kech, Awaran, Panjgur and Awaran districts of Balochistan. Kech: On Friday, Pakistani forces and intelligence agencies raided in main Bazaar area of Turbat and forcibly disappeared Aslam S/o Umar Residents of Aspeet Ghar area of Zamuran and moved him in to unknown locations. According to reports, his brother Rafiq has arrested and disappeared since five years ago from Quetta and his whereabouts still remains unkown. Awaran: On Friday, Pakistani security forces conducted an operation in Gresh Kour area of Awaran and moved several persons to the military camp. After the investigation and checking of NIC and disappeared three youngsters, who have been identified as Abdul Basit S/o Zubair, Javeed S/o Abdul Hameed and Huzoor Baksh S/o Maste

Protest held against increasing accidents in mines

Date:  15 Feb 2020 Author:  Admin 0 The Pakistan Central Mines Labour Federation (PCMLF) organised a protest demonstration on Friday against increasing incidents in coal mines, lack of safety arrangements for mineworkers and a recent incident in a mine in Duki. According to details, A large number of mineworkers led by PCMLF members marched on different roads before gathering outside the Quetta Press Club. Carrying placards and banners inscribed with their demands the protesters chanted slogans against the government. The president of the PCMLF and Industrial Global Union Pakistan, Sultan Mohammad Khan, while addressing the protesters said that mining was a very difficult job as mineworkers had to go thousands of feet deep inside a mine for earning their livelihood. “Due to lack of safety arrangements inside mines no miner knows whether he will come out the mine or it is his last journey,” Mr Khan said. He said that every year hundreds of mineworkers lost their lives due to lack of saf

Drug Trafficking from Af-Pak Reach New Heights Failing all Counter Measures trafficking-from-af-pak-reach- new-heights-failing-all- counter-measures/ Drug Trafficking from Af-Pak Reach New Heights Failing all Counter Measures    Summary   Afghanistan accounts for more than 80 percent of the world’s opium production. Last year, production of pure opium increased by 21 percent to 6,700 metric tonnes compared to previous year.  More than half of it is converted into heroin in Pakistani laboratories before being smuggled out to markets worldwide through sea, air and land routes.  The African continent, which has long served as a transit point for smuggling this heroin to Europe, has itself been emerging as a major consumption market. India, particularly its state of Punjab, is also witnessing increased incidence of narcotic consumption and the Khalistani terrorist groups, sheltered by Pakistan, are deeply involved in syndicates pushing drugs and weapons across the border.     Recent international investigations led to arrest and sent

BSO Azad Chairman’s Letter To António Guterres

Date:  15 Feb 2020 Only before one day to the visit of the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations Mr. António Guterres to Pakistan, The student leader and the Chairman of Baloch Students Organization Azad, Sohrab Baloch has written an open letter to Mr. António Guterres. His Excellency Mr. António Guterres United Nations Secretary-General U.N. Headquarters New York, NY 10017 Your Excellency, The news of your upcoming visit to Pakistan has come with great hope for the victims of state brutalities, ill treatment and suppression in the region and most importantly for the people of Balochistan whose grievances have not only being ignored but the silence surrounding the grave human rights violations have encouraged the perpetrators to commit more crimes against humanity with absolute impunity and sends a distressing message of abandonment to the millions of Baloch people who live in constant fear for themselves and their families. The humanitarian situation in Balochistan is commonly

Voices from China: How many ‘really died’ from coronavirus and how survivors live SOCIETY Photo: Illustration by Inkstone/Tom Leungby Qin Chen 35 SHARES In the second part of the  Voices from China  series,  Inkstone  invites people from the central city of Wuhan and other parts of China to answer your questions about the coronavirus outbreak. Subscribe to  our newsletters  to join the conversation. The  march of the coronavirus  has shown little signs of stopping. The virus has  sickened at least 64,440 people and killed 1,380 worldwide  since the outbreak was first reported in late December. But while the disease’s footprint has spread to over 24 countries, its toll has been concentrated in mainland China, where all except 3 deaths have been reported. For many people living in the heart of the epidemic, fending off the virus remains a priority. As whole cities are  sealed off  and public transportation shut down, millions of people have no choice but to  stay home , wondering how much more damage the coronavirus will cause before it ends –  if it