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Kech: Hand grenade attack killed one, BLF claims responsibility.

Feb 07, 2020 Current Balochistan Three men received injuries and one die in a hand grenade attack on a checkpost kech district of Balochistan. According to details, unknown men hurled a hand grenade bomb on a checkpoint in main bazaar in Turbat on Friday. Responsibility of this attack which has been claimed by Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), a Baloch militant group. Balochistan Liberation Front spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch said in a media statement that the BLF fighters attacked with a hand grenade to a military checkpost in the main bazaar of Kech District. At that time, there were four personnels in the military check post. One was killed and three were critically injured. He said that the checkpost was set up at a medical store located at Shaheed Hameed Chowk in the main market of Turbat, Kech. The attack destroyed the military check post while causing partial damage to the roof of the aforementioned medical store. In this way, the Pakistani army is using the urban population

Balochistan: 31 killed and 67 forcibly disappeared in January alone

Feb 08, 2020 Current Balochistan Baloch National Movement, a political party in Balochistan that documents human rights violations has revealed that 31 people were killed whereas 67 others were forcibly disappeared during the month of January in Balochsitan. The proxy terrorist organizations and death squads of the state turned Balochistan into a hell for Baloch nation: Dil Murad Baloch Baloch National Movement Central Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch has released reporter of January and said that the year 2020 had begun with the state atrocities. The security forces of Pakistan carried out more than 30 military operations and raids across Balochistan in the month of January and 67 persons were arrested and enforced disappeared during these operations. Approximately more than 50 houses were looted and 30 houses were burnt down.   Thirty one persons were killed in the month of January; whereas the cause of 23 persons’ death remained undetermined. The other 8 Baloch were killed by

'Tightening Belt & Making Inroads’: European Seaports and Chinese Strategic Influence

‘ Written by  @Eubulletin  | Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 @EUBULLETIN Wednesday, February 5th, 2020  0    0 Chinese investments in European seaports have increased rapidly in recent years. This process has triggered a debate in Europe on the significance of, and how to deal with, growing Chinese influence in European ports. This process is part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – in particular its maritime component, the Maritime Silk Road (MSR) – and is among the economic and geopolitical effects of China’s growing role in global affairs. The MSR and the debate on Chinese port activities are highly relevant for Greece, Spain or also the Netherlands, which is a major hub for trade between Western Europe and the rest of the world, and hosts Europe’s largest seaport. China COSCO Shipping is the main Chinese investor in European seaports. While its investments are motivated by commercial considerations, they take place within a framework defined by the Chinese government and the

The digital side of the Belt and Road Initiative is growing

The Economist -  The digital Silk Road Many believe it is where much of the rivalry over the plan will play out in future Special reportFeb 6th 2020 edition Feb 6th 2020 ONE TROPICAL evening in November, the 9,800-tonne Ile de Bréhat slipped from the quay at Honiara, capital of the Solomon Islands, and steamed out of Iron Bottom Sound. For weeks the boat had been a familiar sight as it finished its job of laying 4,700km of fibre-optic cable from Sydney to Honiara on Guadalcanal and 730km among the main outlying islands, with another branch heading to Port Moresby, capital of neighbouring Papua New Guinea. Less than a fifth of Solomon Islanders have access to the internet. The Ile de Bréhat is about to transform more lives than any ship since the Los Reyes, the first European vessel to discover the islands, in 1567. Two-thirds of the $93m cost of the Coral Sea Cable System was borne by the Australian government. It got wind that China was proposing to do the job, led by Huawei

The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Derail Xi Jinping’s Dreams of a Chinese Century President Xi Jinping said on Feb. 5 that China is “confident and capable” of handling the coronavirus   Paolo Tre—A3/CONTRASTO/Redux BY  CHARLIE CAMPBELL  FEBRUARY 6, 2020 It took eight hours for a doctor to see Wu Chen’s mother after she arrived at the hospital. Eight days later, she was dead. The doctor was “99% sure” she had contracted the mysterious pneumonia-like illness sweeping  China’s central city of Wuhan , Wu says, but he didn’t have the testing kit to prove it. And despite the 64-year-old’s fever and perilously low oxygen levels, there was no bed for her. Wu tried two more hospitals over the next week, but all were overrun. By Jan. 25, her mother was slumped on the tile floor of an emergency room, gasping for air, drifting in and out of consciousness. “We didn’t want to see my mom die on the floor, so we took her home,” says Wu, 30. “She passed the next day.” Illustration by Edel Rodriguez for TIME Because she did not want a spell in jail for dissent to compound he