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China’s Belt Road Initiative – consolidation or dislocation? FEBRUARY 4TH, 2020     ANDRE WHEELER   There has been ongoing commentary that China’s BRI is about to collapse as it was ill conceived and planned. After predictions of the BRI collapse in 2018 failing to materialise, there is now a new school of thought that argues that the BRI will collapse soon as it is ill conceived, in particular claiming it is a distraction from the crisis currently besetting China – this crisis being one of overcapacity. Supporting this notion has been recent reports in a leading maritime magazine, that recently ran the story that the land based ‘belt’ will not be able to compete with the maritime ‘road’ and that there needs to be dose of reality in what the rail connectivity can do. When reading these and other narratives, many still do not understand a key and central theme of the BRI. Contrary to being ad hoc and reactive, it ignores that the BRI is part of China’s One Hundred Year plan that commenced in 1948, in which Chinese pride and global e

BRP launch awareness campaign in Germany against HR violations in Balochistan

Feb 05, 2020 Current Balochistan BRP Germany continue awareness campaign against HR abuses in Balochistan According to details, Baloch Republican Party Germany zone held another awareness campaign in Hannover city highlighting massive human rights abuses in Balochistan by the Pakistan’s military forces.  Symbolic cage were displayed during the camp to represent Pakistani torture cells and the sufferings of Baloch missing persons in Balochistan.  The event was organized by the Unit 5 of the Baloch Repulican Party Germany zone where distributed booklets among citizens to spread awareness about the terrifying military treatment of Baloch civilians.  This was the 2nd event of BRP in Hannover city. Muzzafar Baloch, the event manager of the Germany chapter has said such an event will be held every month. Activists appealed to the civilized world to play their role to end Human Rights abuses in Balochistan.

Belt and Road Project to Boost Exports Through Turkey Made in Africa 04/02/2020 generation and road projects in Africa over the turkey done to increase the export The Belt and Road Project has been on the agenda of both the Turkish logistics industry and UTİKAD since 2013. We tried to draw attention to the importance of One Generation One Road Project for our country in almost every platform that we have been talking about over the years. Because being a part of this project is of great importance in terms of our country's goal of becoming the international hub of foreign trade and logistics sector. As it is known, the European connection with China is mostly provided through Russia in the project. However, there was a heavy traffic on that line over time; there is a very serious waiting situation for trains, especially at arrival terminals. This is China's reasons, it's possible to say that in a search operation in the point be made whether via Turkey. The feasibility of this was also demonstrated by the test train held recen

The America-China Divide: The Race to Control the World

_For some nations, businesses, and consumers, the choice is easy and obvious; for others, it is a real dilemma. This book explores many of the dynamics at play in arriving at that decision, including the impact China and the US have on global politics, economics, technology, military power, geostrategic influence, and the environment. Wagner has written an important and fascinating exploration of the divisive landscape that is already in the process of defining the 21st century. The rules governing geopolitics, supply chains, military strategy and capabilities, and a host of other variables that define how the world functions are in the process of being rewritten by these two great powers._ *The America-China Divide is an insightful and sobering analysis. As Washington seeks to preserve the postwar world order it was instrumental in creating, Beijing is attempting to seize what is views as China’s rightful place as the world’s leading nation, based on its own set of rules. The ability

INTERVIEW: China's overseas investments face legal pushback

Environmental lawyer Zhang Jingjing talks legal challenges to controversial projects and a ground-breaking Supreme Court ruling Ma Tianjie   February 4, 2020 Share As is the case with Sinohydro's Amazon Waterway project, China's overseas investment is increasingly facing legal challenges where communities are not consulted on their impacts (image:  Anna and Michal ) Last year was very eventful for China’s Going Global strategy, which encourages overseas investments. Beijing held the  2nd Belt and Road Forum  early in 2019 as both a celebration and a moment of reckoning. China’s signature global development programme faced questions by some host countries on its financial sustainability and from the international environmental community on its green merits. A correction of course came in the form of the publication of a Debt Sustainability Framework and the creation of a green coalition, which was presented at the forum. But the rest of the year still saw major controversies eru

China’s dreams of world leadership are fading as its belt and road projects start to sour

South China Morning Post The Belt and Road Initiative, hailed for promoting development, is coming under fire as debt burdens grow, reflecting a growing wariness of Beijing’s posturing as a global leader-in-waiting on an international stage that seeks to promote debate rather than censor it Topic | Belt and Road Initiative Daniel Wagner Published:  3:00am, 5 Feb, 2020 Updated:  5:48am, 5 Feb, 2020 A good way to measure China’s appeal for the rest of the world is to gauge the success of its Belt and Road Initiative.   As of last September, Beijing had signed more than 190 cooperation documents with more than 160 countries and international organisations in support of the trade initiative to link economies into a China-centred trading network. Its cumulative investment has exceeded US$100 billion, with construction projects valued at a staggering US$720 billion.   Yet the initiative had  begun slowing  by 2018. This was due, in part, to a decline in Chinese funds available for investment

Balochistan’s job quota: Senate body directs ED to fill 5,257 vacant posts by  ABDUL RASHEED AZAD  on  February 5, 2020 The Senate's Functional Committee on Problems of Less Developed Areas on Tuesday directed the Establishment Division to fill 5,257 vacant posts of Balochistan's job quota on early basis. The committee meeting held here under the chairmanship of Senator Usman Khan Kakar to discuss matters related to Balochistan's Job quota, especially in line with Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan Package. Briefing the panel, Secretary Establishment Division Dr Ijaz Shahi said that according to revised provincial job quota of 2007 Balochistan's quota in public sector jobs was increased from 3.5 percent to 6 percent. He added to monitor the implementation of job quota the establishment division in 2009 started collecting information from various public sector organisations and since 2009 the division after collecting information from government departments every year is compiling a report which is forwarded to the government. He mainta

Senate body for construction of shipyard in Gwadar by  NUZHAT NAZAR  on  February 5, 2020 Senate Standing Committee on Defence Production on Tuesday suggested making use of 750 acres of land to construct state of the art shipyard in Gwadar. The meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Senator Lt. Gen. Abdul Qayyum (retd) in which the committee observed that there is no ship building facility in the entire gulf region, and Gwadar offers an ideal location for construction of state of the art shipyard. Committee was briefed on the current status of Gwadar Shipyard project on an area of 750 acres of land. Chairman Committee observed that shipyards are considered strategic assets for any country as they not only contribute to country's indigenous commercial and defence pursuits but also earn lot of revenue through ship exports. The Committee emphasized the need to expedite the work on the project for its completion in a given time frame. The committee decided to take up the matter with the Balochistan government and writ

CPEC to remain unaffected by Coronavirus outbreak, says Chinese envoy   –Regional members of UN urged to play role in resolving Kashmir issue –Positive cases in US, Germany and Russia are people who were recently evacuated from China ISLAMABAD:  Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing on Tuesday said that the Coronavirus outbreak would have no impact on the implementation timelines of projects under both the China, Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). In an exclusive interview with  Pakistan Today , Jing said that almost all projects under the early harvest phase of CPEC have been completed or are near completion. “However, there are a few negotiations on projects in the second phase, like the ML-1, that are currently in process. The government is very keen to get CPEC projects completed in time. We look towards the CPEC and BRI from a long term perspective so, there would be no impact on these projects,” he said, adding that the BRI would help drive the economy of China’s international allies. Welcoming the

BLA claims killing of 3 Pakistani Army personnels in two different attacks in Bolan.

Feb 04, 2020 Current Balochistan Jeeyand Baloch, the spokesperson for Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed responsibility of two different attacks on Pakistani Army in the last night in Bolan area of Balochistan. Baloch Liberation Army spokesman Jeeyand Baloch said in a media statement on tuesday  that "BLA fighters attacked Pakistani army personnels in two different attacks in Bolan, which resulted the death of 3 army personnels and two wounded. The spokesman said their fighters targeted a sniper attack on the safety of oil and gas company personnel in ShameerLat area of ​​Bolan, which died on the spot. Jeeyand Baloch said the second attack by BLA fighters was carried out attack in Zardahlo area of ​​Shahrang, where a check post by Pakistani forces was targeted, resulting in the death of two personnels and two wounded. The spokesman said that the Baloch Liberation Army has already made it clear that with the help of the occupying Pakistani army, the plundering of Baloch resou