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Baloch Liberation Tigers claim responsibility of blowing up gas line in Punjab

Jan 28, 2020 Current Balochistan 36-inch diameter main gas pipeline, supplying gas to Punjab from Sindh, blown up near Nawazabad in Sadiqabad on Tuesday night. According to details, the gas pipeline caught fire after an explosion in Sadiqabad which has been controlled now. Two fields were completely burned by the fire and the pipeline was coming to Punjab from Sindh’s Qadirpur. After the fire, the gas main valve was closed which had a pressure of 900 to 1000 Pounds per square inch (PSI) while the bomb disposal squad and police surrounded the area. On the other hand Baloch armed outfit the Baloch Liberation Tigers claimed responsibility go the attack. The BLT spokesman, Meeran Baloch released statement in the media from an undisclosed location and claimed responsibility for blowing up Gas pipeline. Mr Baloch has said the such attacks will continue.

BHRC will run an awareness campaign at the 43rd session of the UN Human Rights Council

Jan 28, 2020 Current Balochistan The Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) is accounted to hold an awareness campaign during the 43rd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council – UNHRC in Geneva in March 2020. According to the announcement, The awareness campaign by the BHRC will be comprised of a series of events focusing on some of the major human rights and humanitarian challenges inflicted on the Baloch by the religious states of Pakistan and Iran. These will include seminars, interventions on Item 3 and Item 4 General debates, and the distribution of flyers in different major locations in Geneva. "On 11 March 2020, the BHRC will organize a conference titled Genocide in Balochistan: the role of International Community at the Broken Chair in Geneva that will bring together different human rights defenders, policymakers and NGOs to discuss the ways to persuade the International community for a more engaging role in the peaceful resolution of the Baloch conflict with Pakista

Belt and Road legacy of Admiral Cheng Ho

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020  at ,  Life & Art In conjunction with the ICHF in Melaka recently, they say the Chinese policy’s roots can be traced  to Cheng Ho’s voyages which saw him building diplomatic relations with the countries he sailed to By FADZLI RAMLI / Pic By BERNAMA & AFP WELL-KNOWN 15th-century mariner and explorer Admiral Cheng Ho’s legacy is the game changer that sets the foundation for China’s One Belt, One Road initiative, according to academics and historians. Speaking at a seminar held in conjunction with the International Cheng Ho Festival (ICHF) in Melaka recently, they said the Chinese policy’s roots can be traced to Cheng Ho’s voyages which saw him building diplomatic relations with the countries he sailed to. (China’s Belt and Road initiative is an ambitious development strategy aimed at boosting trade and stimulating economic growth across Asia and beyond.) Prof Tao Yi Tao, a dean from Belt and Road Research Institute (Shenzhen) for International Cooperat

Balochistan’s water-crisis: Tailored solutions before its too late By 2025, two-thirds of Balochistan's population may not have access to water. The author explores issues exacerbating Balochistan's accelerating climate change and the governance required to combat them. Jan Achakzai  - January 28, 2020 Opinion | Climate change is further exacerbating the precarious situation by altering the water and weather patterns around the globe, causing droughts and water shortages in some parts of the world but floods in others. Balochistan is no exception. Luckily, it received snowfall particularly in North of Balochistan and immediate South of the province this winter – never seen in almost a decade. "Variability in  #water  availability [in  #Balochistan ] is far higher than the national average & per capita water storage is only 20% of the national value. As a result, Balochistan is the least water-secure province and is most at risk from  #climatechange " — U