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Statue of Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi was installed in Gwadar

GWADAR: A monumental statue to pay tribute to the Baloch scholar, poet, author and lexicographer late Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi was installed at Padizar Avenue of the port city on Saturday. The sculpture was made by renowned Iranian sculptor Hassan Yad­garzadeh with the support of Mir Abdul Ghafoor Kalmati Trust. Intellectuals, Baloch writers and academics from Gwadar and other parts of Balochistan, Iran and the Middle East attended the inauguration ceremony at Padizar Avenue. In their speeches, they paid tribute to the late scho­lar and recalled his efforts for the promotion of Baloch language and literature. Born in Gwadar in 1929, Hashmi is remembered for his love for his mother tongue that encouraged him to write the first Baloch dictionary Syed Ganj. He explored dialects in Baloch language and found ancient words and phrases. He explained some patterns for Balochi grammar and writing in his book “Balochi Syahage rast nibisag”. The first Balochi novel “Nazuk”, which got fame after PT

'Balochabad' and Female Education Films have often been produced to represent the social, political, economic, health and educational problems as well as family and religious conflicts in the world. The world had experienced numerous social changes and several films have been made on these social changes. Thereafter, there remain many impacts of films on society. Films are the easiest mode to disseminate a message to large masses due to which the film culture is always promoted by the state and society for bringing social equilibrium in society. Very few films are available in  Balochi  film industry but most of them were made for the sake of comedy, not presenting the social issues. Many short or feature films have been made by Baloch filmmakers, but mainly, the purpose has been to fascinate the masses or serve only as a source of entertainment for the people. There were never serious films, which could provide a purposeful message for social reform or social restructuring. In Balochi film industry,

Balochistan sees no respite from biting cold

By  mohammad zafar  Jan.28,2020 12 injured in Killa Saifullah as rain, snow continue to pummel Balochistan QUETTA:  Parts of Balochistan on Monday received more rain and snow with at least 12 people reportedly sustaining serious injuries in a rain-related incident. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, Loralai received 8 millimeters (mm)  of rain, followed by Lasbella 6mm, Chaman 5mm, Dalbandin 2mm and Quetta 1mm of rain in the last 24 Hours. Duki, Kohlu and Dera Bugti are also reported to have received light showers. It also snowed in areas of Northern Balochistan such as Kalat, Ziarat, and Chaman. According to reports, roof of a hotel caved in in the Musakhail area of district Killa Saifullah during rain, causing serious injuries to at least 12 people. These people were shifted to a hospital for medical aid. Dukki National Highway was closed after snowfall at Ziarat and Sanjavi. Snow also blocked the Quetta-Chaman Highway and Khojak Pass. A Levies official said authori

Ruins in the Name of Schools in Iran While Rebuilding Schools in Syria! 26 JANUARY 2020 By Pooya Stone According to Iran’s official IRNA news agency, the Minister of Education of Hassan Rouhani’s government pledged in a visit to Bashar al-Assad's Syria that they’re ready to participate in the rebuilding of educational facilities in the country. He added that the regime is ready to cooperate with Syria in all areas of so-called reconstruction. (IRNA, 22 January) Specifically, the mullahs' spending on the killer Bashar al-Assad, while the head of the Iranian School Reconstruction, Development, and Equipping admit that 30 percent of the schools in Iran is worn out and needs to be rebuilt. In Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan province from 18,954 classrooms, 10,528 classrooms require demolition, reconstruction and retrofitting. (Tasnim News Agency, 6 December 2018) However, there are clay schools throughout the country that do not fully comply with the standard educational space. The daily Arman on 19 January 2020 also cites the poor in  flood-st

12 injured as heavy rain, snowfall batter Balochistan

SALEEM SHAHID QUETTA: At least 12 people sustained serious injuries as heavy snowfall and rain lashed different parts of Balochistan on Monday. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, Loralai received eight millimetres, Lasbela 6mm, Chaman 5mm, Dal­ba­ndin 2mm and Quetta 1mm rain in one day. Rain was also reported in Duki, Kohlu and Dera Bugti districts while Kalat, Ziarat, and Chaman received snowfall. In Musakhail of Killa Saifullah district, 12 people were injured when a hotel’s roof collapsed. The injured were shifted to a hospital for treatment. In Quetta, residents of Qambrani area were facing several problems as a road built a few years ago was damaged in the recent spell of rain. Residents of the area said that the elected MPs from that constituency were not taking responsibility and urged them to construct the road as soon as possible. The Balochistan National Party-Awami organised a demonstration against low gas pressure outside the press club. Central leader of

Human rights pressure from West can push us closer to China, Myanmar says Persecution of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority has sparked global condemnation & led to ICJ order last week for emergency steps to protect Rohingya from genocide. KHINE LIN KYAW 27 January, 2020 Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) shakes hand of Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi during a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on April 24, 2019 in Beijing, China. | Bloomberg Myanmar:  Myanmar signaled that closer ties with China offer an economic buffer if human-rights concerns cause Western nations to curb trade privileges or investment. The persecution of the country’s Rohingya Muslim minority has sparked global condemnation, and led to an International Court of Justice order last week for emergency steps to protect Rohingya from genocide. The controversy imperils Myanmar’s European trade privileges and is spurring calls for sanctions. “The more sanctions Western countries impose on us, the more likely that is to boost our ties with our Asian allian

Did Khan Kalat promised Jinha to Accede?

British Archives CYPHER(TYPEX) FROM : U.K. HIGH COMMISSIONER IN PAKISTAN D. Karachi, 4 p.m* 8th March, 1948 R 1 ,40 p.m. 8th March, 1948 No,227 From Burnett. Your 'telegram No. 454. Kalat. Pakistan Government received on 4th March official letter from Prime Minister Kalat intimating results of discussions on accession in (A) Lower and (B) Upper Houses of Kalat Assembly, namely (A) preference for Treaty instead of accession and (B) reguest for further time for consideration. This letter has not yet reached Cahinet to whom it is being submitted, and reply proposed to question is therefore suitable, 2. Secret. I understand that Mr.Jinnah, who has hitherto personally conducted negotiations with Khan, has now sent letter to His Highness regretting that their efforts since last October to reach friendly settlement have not been successful and informing him that future negotiations will be handled at official level by Ministry of Foreign Affairs through A.G.G. Baluchistan. 3. I also under

Trade Between Iran & China Declined Sharply In 2019 By Orkhan Jalilov January 27, 2020 Iran exported $13.43 billion worth of commodities to China in 2019, 36.3 percent less than in the previous year. China, in turn, exported $9.59 billion worth of goods to Iran last year, down 31.2 percent. /  Persia Digest   A   Last year, Iran’s trade with its biggest trading partner, China has been declined by 34.3 percent compared to the previous year, and amounted to $23.02 billion, according to the data  compiled  by the Chinese General Administration of Customs.  Iran exported $13.43 billion worth of commodities to China during the period under review, 36.3 percent less than in the previous year. China, in turn, exported $9.59 billion worth of goods to Iran last year, down 31.2 percent.  Meanwhile, China has remained Iran's biggest trade partner, but Iran's share in Chinese international trade is much less significant and makes up 0.5 percent of the country's total foreign trade. China's foreign trade in 2019 amoun

China power company honoured for CSR work in Balochistan

National PR January 27, 2020 ISLAMABAD: The China Power Hub Generation Company Ltd was recognized for its commitment to local communities in Hub and Lasbella in Balochistan through sustainable CSR initiatives, at the recently... Share Next Story >>> ISLAMABAD: The China Power Hub Generation Company (Pvt.) Ltd was recognized for its commitment to local communities in Hub and Lasbella in Balochistan through sustainable CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives, at the recently held 12th CSR Summit 2020. Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Syed Ali Haider Zaidi, Malik Amin Aslam, Adviser to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Climate Change, Ms. Sania Nishtar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and Qasim Khan Suri, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, attended the summit. Awards were received on behalf of CPHGC by Ms. Ambreen Shah, Yin Jiangang, and Feng Xiaobin.Speaking at the occasion, Ms. Ambreen Shah, Vice President, Legal and Corporate Affairs,

China, Kazakhstan jointly unveil ancient city on Silk Road

Source: Xinhua |  2020-01-27 14:22:44 | Editor: huaxia XI'AN, Jan. 27 (Xinhua) -- A China-Kazakhstan joint archeological research has gradually unveiled the ruins of a city on the ancient Silk Road. The Shaanxi Provincial Archeological Research Institute in northwest China said that its cooperation with the Issyk State Historical-Cultural Museum in Kazakhstan on the excavation of the ancient city of Rahat entered its third phase in 2019. Ding Yan, a researcher of the institute, who participated in the cross-border archeological program, said they excavated 980 square meters and surveyed 500,000 square meters of the Rahat site in 2019. Relics from the ruins date back between 2,400 years ago and 1,400 years ago. The ancient civilization once thrived on the Silk Road at the northern foot of the Tianshan Mountains in Kazakhstan. Ding said they excavated one house, 23 pits and four tombs and unearthed 70 pieces of iron, pottery and bone items. The house is of semi-crypt-type, with a slo

Khan Kalat’s new adventure in the USA: “Stick it into Iran”.

By Meerin Baloch First it was “stick to Pakistan” with the help of Barrick Gold company and now it is “stick it to Iran” with the help of Trump administration.  On February 8, 2012, the Baloch people worldwide witnessed the biggest Joke and drama in the history of Balochistan on the Capitol Hill, in USA, in the name of “Balochistan‘s Hearing”, staged by Dona Rohrabacher and funded by the angry Barricks Gold company, to *“stick it in to Pakistan”*, after loosing it’s multi billion dollar Rekodiq’s Gold and silver reserves contract with Pakistan.  Mr. Hussain Borr, an Iranian opportunist, who is a die hard supporter of Jundullah, was hired by Khan Kalat to represent Eastern (Pakistan) occupied Balochistan, for that  "Staged Drama" to "stick it into Pakistan", which was paid by the Barrick Gold Company. Jundullah is listed as terrorist organization by the U.S State Department.