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EUROPEAN SEAPORTS AND CHINESE STRATEGIC INFLUENCE EUROPEAN SEAPORTS AND CHINESE STRATEGIC INFLUENCE 18 DEC 2019 - 10:15  DOWNLOAD PUBLICATION  (PDF) THE RELEVANCE OF THE MARITIME SILK ROAD FOR THE NETHERLANDS Chinese investments in European seaports have increased rapidly in recent years. This process has triggered a debate in Europe on the significance of, and how to deal with, growing Chinese influence in European ports. This process is part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – in particular its maritime component, the Maritime Silk Road (MSR) – and is among the economic and geopolitical effects of China’s growing role in global affairs. The MSR and the debate on Chinese port activities are highly relevant for the Netherlands, which is a major hub for trade between Western Europe and the rest of the world, and hosts Europe’s largest seaport. To better understand the relevance for Europe and the Netherlands of Chinese investments in European ports against the background of China’s Maritime Silk Road, this Cling

Understanding China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Northern Laos through the Prism of Continuity DR SIMON ROWEDDER JANUARY 13, 2020 - 2:39 PM Upon his visit to Laos in November 2017, Xi Jinping wrote in an open letter, published in English and Lao in Laotian mainstream media, that “there is a high degree of complementarity between China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the strategy of Laos to transform itself from a landlocked to a land-linked country.”  He further described the China-Laos Railway, the flagship of the BRI in Laos, as "(t)he transportation artillery that will drive the development of Laos (and that) is a dream coming true.” These lines point to two central features of China’s BRI. One is its embracing of the “Chinese Dream”, already extended as China’s “Asia-Pacific Dream”; the second is, more importantly, its discursive power of scripting China’s geopolitical and economic interests in the rhetoric of its partners’ national development strategies. As the land-linked strategy has been already advertised by the Laotian

14 die as snowfall, rain wreak havoc in Balochistan

Saleem Shahid  |  Aamir Yasin January 13, 2020 QUETTA: Families enjoying snowfall on a road here on Sunday.—AFP QUETTA / ISLAMABAD: Heavy snowfall and showers claimed at least 14 lives in different parts of Balochistan and suspended road and air links of the country’s largest province with rest of the world on Sunday, as the unusually extreme weather system entered Pakistan. With a strong westerly wave affecting most parts of the country, snowfall is also expected in Khyber Pakh­tunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir, besides heavy showers have been forecast for Islamabad as well as upper and central Punjab from Monday till Tuesday morning, according to the meteorological department. Met officials said heavy snowfall in Quetta had already broken the 20-year record. “In Qilla Saifullah, the Met Office recorded three- to four-foot snow, which was [more than] double the usual one- to 1.5-foot snow,” said Chief Meteo­rologist Dr Azmat Hayat Khan. An aircraft that had arrived from Saudi Arab

In Balochistan 2020 Begins with Books and Education

By  Contributors  -   January 12, 2020   Adnan Aamir On January 1, a group of activists gathered at Munir Mengal Chowk Sariab Road in Quetta. They set up tables, fixed banners and set the stage for their first activity of 2020 – a book fair. A small collection of books was put on the tables for sale. The book fair opened at 10 AM, and ended when the sun was setting. A coalition of three groups – Nishist Online, Parav Adabi Katcheri and Youth Creative and Supportive Foundation (YCSF) – organized this fair to celebrate the new year in Balochistan. This was an unprecedented step as usually guns, instead of books, were used to celebrate the turn of the year. Organizers of the fair wanted to promote book reading as a habit and also start the year with a message of peace. People from various walks of life visited the fair. Some just browsed, others also bought books. Scenes from the fair were shown live via social media. Politicians, members of civil society and media personalities attended

Chinese CG’s Gwadar visit concludes

By  RECORDER REPORT  on  January 13, 2020 Chinese Consul General in Karachi Li Bijian and several other government officials had finished their visit to Gwadar, after attending the inauguration ceremony of first LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Terminal at Gwadar Port. It is reported that Gwadar LPG Terminal will supply gas to cities across Pakistan, thus the start of LPG Company at Gwadar Port is considered a great achievement, commencing a new era of economical uplift of Balochistan, especially Gwadar. While delivering a speech, Li said, “Being the region's most strategically located city, Gwadar Port and Gwadar Free zone shall attract billions of tonnes of products from overseas, and will make tremendous contributions to the economic development of not only Pakistan, but also Asia and the world." Li reviewed the progress of projects undertaking in Gwadar, such as China-Pakistan Friendship Hospital, Faqeer Colony School, the New Gwadar International Airport, the East Bay Expres

Inadequate maternity facilities in Balochistan result in 780 yearly deaths’

SAMAA |  Noor Ul Arifeen  - Posted: Jan 12, 2020 | Last Updated: 2 hours ago Photo: AFP Almost 780 pregnant women die every year in Balochistan due to lack of maternity health facilities at hospitals and clinics, according to a report by the Balochistan Institute of Research and Development. The province has 28 public hospitals, 550 basic health units and 90 childcare and maternity health clinics. However, at 90% of these hospitals, specialist female doctors are not available. Many of these hospitals and clinics do not have trained staff either. The reason behind the overwhelming number of deaths is that pregnant women from areas such as Nasirabad, Sibbi, Loralai and Kech have to travel to either Quetta or Karachi to receive basic healthcare facilities. “By the time they reach here, their condition just worsens,” said Javeria Tareen, CEO of the Balochistan Institute of Research and Development. “Clinics and hospitals in other areas of Balochistan don’t have vents or even oxygen cylinde

Without a united military organization, Baloch cannot benefit from regional developments - Bashir Zeb Baloch

Without a united military organization, Baloch cannot benefit from regional developments - Bashir Zeb Baloch Jan 04, 2019 (Current Balochistan) Baloch Liberation Army chief Bashir Zeb Baloch said on Friday that without a unified military organization, the Baloch nation cannot benefit from regional developments. According to details, BLA chief Bashir Zeb expressed these views on Twitter on the social networking site on his official Twitter handle @BashirZebBaloch. Others, including Baloch constituencies, are believed to be witnessing rapid political, social, economic and other changes in the region, while these changes will have a direct impact on Balochistan. Bashir Zeb Baloch said that unless Baloch nation has a unified military organization, Baloch will not be able to get any collective benefits from regional developments.a Observers think the reaction from Iran to the death of Qasim Sulaimani in Baghdad is likely to provoke a severe backlash, which will further increase the tensions

China should consider Belt and Road Initiative via Kolkata, Mumbai ports instead of PoK: Subramanian Swamy

China should consider Belt and Road Initiative via Kolkata, Mumbai ports instead of PoK: Subramanian Swamy BRI is China's global economic initiative for connecting with Europe, Africa and the rest of Asia through road and maritime routes with focus on infrastructure, transportation and energy sectors. Swamy suggested that instead of passing through P... By  PTI  |  Jan 11, 2020, 07.14 PM IST BCCL Subramanian Swamy (File Pic) KOLKATA: Parliamentarian  Subramanian Swamy  on Saturday said  China  should consider diverting its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) via Kolkata or Mumbai ports instead of passing through Pakistan occupied Kashmir which India is opposed to. Swamy claimed that the senior leadership of China were well disposed to the suggestion when he discussed it with them during his visit to the country. ADVERTISEMENTa ECONOMY How PSUs lost their stature and suitors "BRI is a wonderful concept, but it has affected India as the present proposal passes through the PoK,"

How to Create a Safety Net in Rural Balochistan Creating a safety net in the absence of official financial networks and services in rural Balochistan is not as difficult as one would assume.  By  Savaila Hunzai and Zahra Rao January 11, 2020 Credit:  Unsplash ADVERTISEMENT Khatima is the president of the all woman village organization (VO) Romania in Killi Nazim Abdul Malik of district Killa Abdullah. In her late 20s, she has been married for 15 years and has eight children. Khatima and her fellow community women organized themselves into a VO in April, 2018. The women of VO-Romania meet on the fifth of every month and put aside approximately 50 Pakistani rupees per month ($0.32) as “ bachat  money” at each meeting. Khatima and her fellow members of VO-Romania are very proud of their savings and becoming more informed about financial management at the household and community levels. Their total savings so far amount to 28,000 Pakistani rupees ($180.81) which is truly impressive.  Kochai, a teenage girl in the communi