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Announcement: "Current Balochistan" now available in Arabic

Announcement:  In the context, some associates established a journalistic platform called "Current Balochistan" which was formed by CB Team two years ago, and continued to fulfill their duties, to keep the world and Baloch nation aware of the current situation of Balochistan. Continuing the same vision, the current Balochistan team has decided that from now on, along with Balochi and English publication, CB will publish reports in Arabic as well. The Arabic team of CB is ready to perform their duties and will keep the timely acquainted with the political and social situation of Balochistan in Arabic language.

2015 - 2018: Pakistani military aggression in occupied Balochistan

You can estimate the ongoing Pakistani military aggression in occupied Balochistan with reports from the Baloch National Movement and Sangar  Media & Publications, 2015 to 2019 2015 According to newspapers and available statistics and Sangar records, in 2015 -. 385 Baloch were killed. 1986 - Baloch disappeared after detention, while Pakistani army targeted population 615 times in occupied Balochistan,   2016   ۔۔۔According to data available in 2016, Pakistani army conducted 1146 military operations in Balochistan and burnt 890 houses after looting them.   Same year, 3534 people were disparaged by forces.  While the total of 694 bodies were recovered . 510 people were martyred and the motive for the 179 killed was not revealed.  111 people were rescued from the chambers of state forces while many bodies were buried due to unidentified mutilation. 2017 According to data available in 2017, Pakistani  Forces disappeared after detaining 2317 people in over 936 operations in occupied Ba