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Two persons more went missing in Awaran

Nov 28, 2019 (Current Balochistan) Forces disappeared two persons from Awaran district of Balochistan and shifted them to an unkown detention. According to details, on 25 november Pakistani military forces disappeared two persons from Harooni Dann and shifted them to unknown locations. The both victims were identified as Sajid S/O Qadir Bux and Parveez S/O Sadiq residents of Haroon Dann Awaran. However, victim families are protesting all over the Balochistan, besides the VBPM’s continuous protest for more than a decade in front of Quetta Press club capital of Balochistan to demand the safe release of their loved ones and in case of a criminal offence demanding the fundamental right of a fair trial for their loved ones.

Balochistan: BLF claims killing of eight Pakistani Army personnels.

Nov 28, 2019 (Current Balochistan) BLF claimed responsibilities of two differents attack on Pakistani Army in Mashkay and Awaran on Thursday. In a Statement Major Gwahram Baloch, the spokesman of Balochistan Liberation Front expressed that, Fighters of BLF killed eight Pakistani army personnels In Mashkay and Awaran where eight killed and severals were wounded. Major Gwahram said that, on 25 November fighters of BLF carried out an attack on forces central outpost in Malar Kahn Awaran, with automatic weapons where three killed and several were injured. He added that, On 27 November our Fighters carried another attack on forces outpost in Mashkay's Rendag area, At 8 O'clock with heavy weapons at least five personnels were killed and severals were injured. Major Gwahram added that, such attacks will be carried out till the independence of Balochistan.

Fourteen persons including women & children abducted by Pakistan Army.

Nov 28, 2019 (Current Balochistan) Fourteen people including women and children have been abducted by the Pakistan Army from Kech and Dera Bugti on thursday. According to details, the victims were abducted by the forces from Buleda, Kech and Uch’s Lakha Narri area of Dera Bugti and were moved to an unkown location. There were four women and children among the abducted victims. The people had their livestocks such as Camels, Goat and Etc while they were moved which were also taken into custody by the army and they were later shifted to Sui army cantonment. Some of abducted victims from Dera Bugti were identified as follow: Shahgull s/o Shah Nawaz Bugti, Shad Ali s/o Shah Dad, Meero s/o Ghabru Bugti, Phogo s/o Mazaran Bugti, Hunda s/o Jada Bugti, Naseewan s/o Zarrakh Bugti, Turkman s/o Zarrakh Bugti, Sami Khatoon w/o Zarak Bugti, Shah Meer s/o Bakht Ali Bugti, Naseebo Khatoon w/o Bakht Ali Bugti, Durr BiBi d/o Bakht Ali Bugti. Another abduction was reported in Mehnaz, B

Sexual harassment of students at Balochistan University

sangar publication Editorial This age calls the age of modern civilization, progression and enlightenment but this age women become victims the of scandals of men in this society. While we observe this circumstances, the believe becomes more strength that we have been gotten surpass from all past period in civilization and material progression. If the civilized and civilization progressions are discussed then the influence with gender today also takes us era of barbarism. Nowhere doesn’t like that the laws of sexual harassment haven’t been made, not only every country rather in world the all nation’s organization (United Nations), based on civil rights act announced laws in 1664 about especially the women to are victims the sexual harassment. So five years ago United Nations developed the laws and once again we see that after creation the laws also such inhuman actions are being continuously occurred aggravatingly. In this civilized era where the women as get equality like to the me

Balochistan seeks partnership with foreign companies

Updated Nov 28, 2019 08:36am MUHAMMAD AKBAR NOTEZAI QUETTA: The Baloch­istan government on Wednesday expressed its desire to partner up with private companies for investment in the province. In a meeting with MRDL Saindak President Wang Jicheng and Chairman HeXuping in Quetta, Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan Alyani said: "We are committed to inking agreements with private firms by leading bilateral matters in a conducive way as many international mining companies have been showing interest to do business with the provincial government." Furthermore, expansion of the Saindak project was discussed. He also briefed the Chinese regarding provincial Mineral Policy 2019, saying it would help foreign companies in knowing the clear stance of provincial government. He reiterated provincial partnership in all mineral, oil and gas projects in Baloc­h­istan. Published in Dawn, November 28th, 2019

Busting the myth of China’s New Silk Roads

NOVEMBER 27, 2019 Conceptual image of Venetian explorer Marco Polo’s fabled journey to China. Image: Facebook Beijing draws on flawed history and appropriates modern misnomers to soft sell its Belt and Road Initiative ByBERTIL LINTNER, CHIANG MAI If China’s state media and other propaganda organs are to be believed, Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is reopening ancient trade routes around the world once known as the “Silk Roads.” Indeed, the state-owned investment arm overseeing a range of the US$1 trillion BRI’s trade-promoting infrastructure projects is known as the “Silk Road Fund.” The historical term conjures images of desert caravans of silk and other traders crossing from China through Central Asia and on to European markets. It also evokes the travels of 13th century Venetian adventurer merchant Marco Polo, who was among the first European traders to arrive in China and whose reports on his peregrination exoticized China and its silken wares. BRI’s public rel

China versus the US model of doing business — and CPEC

By  durdana najam  Nov.28,2019 China's model of economy is better than the darkness Pakistan lived with for more than 50 years of US-Pak relations US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Alice Wells’ special talk on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) with a focus on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) at the Woodrow Wilson Center has generated discussion on the issue of who is a better friend of Pakistan — the US or China. Another streak of discussion hovered around the pinch the US has been feeling on seeing its sphere of influence in Asia shrinking, because of China’s ability to garner support and interest of regional countries in joining the BRI. Yet another part of the discussion is hitched to the fear the US shares with India about Pakistan becoming independent economically that could make it difficult for the former to have Pakistan toe its line for the fulfillment of geostrategic ambitions. Last but not the least, the discussion focussed the US and India’

Pakistan Is New Frontline In Chinese, U.S. Rivalry

November 27, 2019 Abubakar Siddique FILE: Pakistani soldiers stand guard at the port of Gwadar in the southwestern province of Balochistan. Pakistan has emerged as the new front for the global rivalry between the United States and China as the two powers jostle to shape the 21st century. Chinese officials have angrily reacted to the criticism of their multibillion-dollar infrastructure and energy investments, collectively called the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), by a senior U.S. diplomat last week. “They are a mere repetition of old slanders against China,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told journalists on November 25. His remarks followed blazing criticism of CPEC, a flagship project of Beijing’s global Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), by Alice Wells, acting assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asian affairs. “Together with non-CPEC Chinese debts payments, China is going to take a growing toll on the Pakistan economy,” she told a think

Balochistan University bans all political activities inside campus and students Organizations condemns.

Balochistan University bans all political activities inside campus and students Organizations condemns. Nov 28'2019 (Current Balochistan) Balochistan University has banned all political activities inside campus on Tuesday. According to details: As the simmering video scandals surfaced from Balochistan’s University and University of Balochistan has banned political gatherings and activities inside the varsity campus. The notification came days before the #StduentsSolidarityMarch to be held on November 29 to protest against a sexual harassment scandal and military presence on the campus. According to notification issued from Governor Secretariat on Tuesday which has triggered a new debate in the Balochistan. According to the notification, Banned has been imposed in Balochistan University to prevent interruption of teaching process. The notification has also directed the university administration and security officials to fully implement the banned. Meanwhile, before some mont


sangar publication - 28 Nov, 2019 at 8:11 am Sangar News BLF Activities Published by “Ashoob” from the statements of BLF spokesperson Gwahram Baloch issued in Electronic and Print Media. During the month of October 2019, (11) attacks were carried out on Pakistani forces. More than (15) soldiers were killed and more than a dozen injured. Brave martyr of Balochistan On October 3, 2019, Pakistani state agencies abducted Ali Akbar with the help of local informers, and on October 5, his body was dumped. Ali Akbar, a resident of Mand Hozai, was picked up near his house and tortured to death. 01 October 2018 – Attacked Pakistani military check-post with Sniper rifle, heavy weapons and rocket launchers in Mand area of district Kech, Balochistan. 5 military personnel were killed and several injured 04 October 2018 – Attacked Pakistan military check-post with heavy weapons in Bullu area of Mand, district Kech Balochistan and inflicted heavy causalities to the occupying forces. BLF Sn