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The Chinese Are Doing What the Mongols Did Before Them, Only Better

BESA By  Emil Avdaliani November 24, 2019 Mongol soldier of the Qing era, painting by Giuseppe Castiglione via Wikipedia BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,353, November 24, 2019 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The vast attention paid to China’s Belt and Road Initiative misses the historical precedents on which it is based. Hearkening back to the nomadic understanding of geography of medieval times, the Chinese are following through on what the Mongols, and later Tamerlane, attempted: to unify the Eurasian landmass by establishing trade routes and encouraging commercial activities from the Mediterranean to the Pacific. Nascent Chinese  Eurasianism  is slowly taking shape. It is a concept not so much of forceful engagement of Eurasian states by China, as some in the West view it, but rather an economic initiative that aims to gain access to the natural and financial resources of major Eurasian states by providing them with large sums for infrastructure projects. The Chinese idea obviously r

China rebuffs US criticism of CPEC projects

Omer Farooq Khan | TNN | Nov 23, 2019, 19:45 IST TNNGwadar port in Balochistan is a terminal point in the CPEC ISLAMABAD: An Islamabad-based top Chinese diplomat has rebuffed Washington’s criticism of Beijing-funded massive infrastructure projects in Pakistan under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The reaction came a day after a senior American diplomat warned Pakistan about the risks to its economy while embracing China’s huge infrastructure projects. Speaking to an audience at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars on Thursday, Alice Wells, acting assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asian Affairs, had said Islamabad should pursue an American business model to improve the fundamentals of its troubled economy. She also raised questions on transparency and fairness of CPEC projects as well as related Chinese loans Islamabad has received. Her remarks drew a strong response from Yao Jing, Beijing's ambassador to Islamabad, who said Wells lack

CPEC not a burden; relations with China will never fray: Pakistan

Pakistan's newly appointed Minister for Planning Asad Umar said that CPEC would not prove to be a burden for the country but help in providing a strong basis for industrial growth for the coming years. By ANI | Nov 24, 2019, 07.42 AM IST Agencies The CPEC is a multi-billion dollar development project. ISLAMABAD:  Pakistan  on Saturday rejected United States' notion of Beijing being the sole benefactor of its  China  Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC ), and asserted that its relations with China within the purview of the project will never fray. Addressing a press conference two days after US Acting Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs, Alice Wells, strongly criticised China's international development projects and lending practices under its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Pakistan's newly appointed Minister for Planning  Asad Umar  said that CPEC would not prove to be a burden for the country but help in providing a strong basis for industrial