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Books are the treasure house of knowledge

Books are the treasure house of knowledge Author: Ameen Baloch Books play a significant role in our daily life. A wise man said that when one reads a book, it means He reads a new world”. I primarily believe that everyone would agree with this statement as books have become inevitable for mankind. As we know books are part of our everyday life. A book is more reliable than a friend, and it will never walk away at hard and testing time. It is stated that the book we read, in fact, it becomes a part of our conscious soul. Further, books act like a mother who always tries to soothe her child. Books are sources to give us wings to fly and skim into a new world replete with the treasure of knowledge. In this modern era of technology, books are not only available in hard copies but also one can access millions of books in electronic form. Above all, books improve our standard of living by opening new opportunities in life. Books tone up our intellectual taste and they make our outlook b

Uniform in University: tampering with Justice

By Pashmina Khan The so-called Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the University of Balochistan, is a puppet whose threads are pulled by his Godfather from somewhere else, He cannot snatch the right of freedom of expression from students. While making it essential to wear uniform in university, seems to strip away the freedom from the students. On one hand such unwise and ill-advised steps like forcing university students to wear uniforms make it a laughing stock; on the other hand, it is tantamount to undermine the freedom of expression. Students at the university level are open to wearing what they deem fit which expresses their unique personality within certain prescribed codes for clothing. which usually limits to the appropriateness and acceptable in the given society. A present that is essential is to address the harassment case that created a shock wave in society, rather than forcing university students to wear a uniform, which is extremely nonsensical. It is the sole responsibility of