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Hope in Baloch Resistance

Zameen Zaag (Current Balochistan) Every one is well aware of the great Baloch nationalist leader, Dr Allah Nizar. He is indeed the symbol of "hope" today for his entire nation. Dr Allah Nizar is the hope that mothers and sisters rely upon and the light in the darkness that guides the Baloch youth. He is the son of Nabi Bukhsh Baloch and was born on 2nd October, 1968 in the Mehi Area of District Mashkay in Awaran. He completed his early education in his hometown of Mehi and after completing his matriculation in 1986 there, he went to Kech in Turbat to seek higher education. In 1987, he set foot in the medical field at the Atta Shad Degree College and passed his F.Sc (pre-medical) in 1989 thereby. There is no denying the fact that he was an exemplary student with well-sorted goals in life. Owing to his hard work in 1992, he secured a medical seat in Bolan Medical College at Quetta whereby he even earned a gold medal in Gynecology there in 1999. Dr Allah Nizar Baloch has a

Belt and Road: What They're Saying

✔WANG TONGCHUAN Spokesman, Overseas Chinese Center in Bishkek On Chinese outreach and donations in Kyrgyzstan "We don’t want people to know about this. Americans tend to advertise everything that they do, and the Chinese behave modestly. We are not making this public knowledge." ✔SHIRLEY AYORKOR BOTCHWEY Ghana's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Speaking at a high-level seminar on China's development "While one cannot deny the geopolitical dimension or significance of the crisis in Hong Kong, the fact remains that Africa’s prosperity is closely linked with China’s peace and stability." ✔EDOUARD CUKIERMAN Chairman, Tel Aviv-based Cukierman & Co. Investments House On Israel's plans to increase foreign investment screening "There is a huge opportunity for Israeli companies in China. We can’t reject an investment because of a general government sentiment. It’s something we have to completely dissociate — the technology