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Industrial, Economic Zones to be established in GB under CPEC

APP November 05, 2019 ISLAMABAD    -    Industrial and Economics Zones would be established in Gilgit-Baltistan under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project to uplift the area and bring it at par with developed parts of the country. Due to tax exemptions, the zones would be more beneficial for the whole country especially locals, a senior official of Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan told APP. READ MORE:  US formally notifies UN of withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord He said work on the Babusar top tunnel would be started during next financial year, adding the federal government was determined to remove the 72 years deprivation of the local people. To a question, he said despite financial crunch, the Gilgit Baltistan had been provided development funds.   Commenting on new water reservoirs, he expressed the hope that Diamer-Bhasha Dam would bring prosperity in the area. Besides, the government has allocated Rs 400 million for construction of 250-bed h

First freight train from China to Europe to pass through Marmaray on Nov. 6

  DAILY SABAH WITH AA,  ISTANBULNov 03, 2019 The China Railway Express, which has entered Turkey in Kars, will reach Europe by passing through the Marmaray tunnel in Istanbul beneath the Bosporus strait on Nov. 6. A critical phase of the China-led "Belt and Road Initiative" project, a trillion-dollar infrastructure development project addressing a potential of 3 billion people across 65 countries, is set to be completed in Istanbul. As part of the project, the first train service, or "Iron Silk Road," will be launching from China to Europe. The China Railway Express, which has already entered Turkey via the eastern province of Kars, will reach Europe by passing through the Marmaray tunnel which connects Istanbul's Asian and European sides beneath the Bosporus Strait   on Nov. 6. The train, which will be the first freight train to pass through the Marmaray, departed from China and entered Turkey thanks to the "Trans-Caspian International Transport Route

Beijing is determined to reshape the globe

BY  HAL BRANDS BLOOMBERG NOV 4, 2019 WASHINGTON – Of all the factors that shape a country’s global fortunes, geography is the most immutable. A country is where it is. The advantages and disadvantages that come with its location typically shift slowly, if at all. That’s what makes China’s bold effort to remake the strategic landscape of Eurasia so remarkable. Beijing is placing a trillion-dollar wager that it can transform its strategic geography from a constraint into a powerful geopolitical asset. This would be quite a turnaround, given all the liabilities of China’s geography. On its maritime periphery, it faces U.S. treaty allies and strategic partners that provide a springboard for the projection of American power into the Western Pacific. To the north, there is an ambitious Russia, which has more often been an enemy than a friend. On China’s western and southern flanks, there are countries such as Vietnam and India, which can be expected to oppose Beijing’s rise, and the Cen

China expands BRI outreach in South Asia to beat US in trade war

Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects in South Asia, like other continents, not only use Chinese capital but also Chinese labourers, raw material and finished products, thereby fuelling growth in the Chinese economy. Chinese construction compani... By  Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury , ET Bureau | Nov 03, 2019, 08.21 PM IST Agencies The Chinese leadership feels that new projects and exports under the BRI in South Asia could help generate additional revenue for China. NEW DELHI:  China  is expanding the reach of its  Belt and Road Initiative  ( BRI ) in India’s neighbourhood, as part of Beijing’s efforts to beat economic slowdown following its trade war with the US. The Chinese vice minister of commerce announced that the country would establish new pilot project Free Trade Zones (FTZs) in six provinces across the country, especially in the border regions, to help improve trade ties with neighbouring countries, expand the reach of the BRI and support  local economies . The move is aimed

Hostile forces are out to sow unrest, says minister

By  mohammad zafar  Nov.04,2019 Langove affirms peaceful Balochistan guarantees development of country Ad QUETTA:  Balochistan Home Minister Zia Langove on Saturday said hostile forces were trying to jeopardise the country’s development by creating unrest in the province. Chairing a meeting in Quetta on the law and order situation, the minister said a peaceful Balochistan guaranteed the development of the country and that was why hostile countries were attempting to fuel uncertainty in the province. Langove vowed that the elements hatching such conspiracies would not be allowed to succeed. “The government has been taking measures to maintain peace in Balochistan and secure the lives and properties of the citizens,” he said. The minister maintained that because of the government’s effective steps to improve the law and order situation, major local and foreign investors were coming to Balochistan and that paving the way for the province’s economic growth. Speaking on the devel

How Youth From Balochistan Are Breaking Stereotypes And Reviving A Forgotten Culture

niha khan Ever since partition, Balochistan has seen  great atrocities . There have been numerous events that have brought a lot of negative fame to the arid land. In the eyes of the international world, Balochistan is only associated with terrorist organisations, rebellion, and chaos. However, the reality of Balochistan is very different from the popular perspective, and the youth of Balochistan has taken it upon their shoulders to give the area a newfound place on the world map. They are doing this by showing that the region is linked to technology, by breaking stereotypes, and by hitting the latest rap trends. These youth are bringing back the Baloch culture and are proud to announce their Baloch roots to the world. It is extremely rare to see the youth of a forgotten culture taking an active part in reviving it. These youngsters are a source of extreme pride to their parents, friends, family, and the entire Baloch community all across the globe. According to this  article,  tha

Distanomics of CPEC combined with RCEP will be devastating for India

Indian manufacturers will find it very difficult to beat the scale that China will bring in via Xinjiang Monday November 4, 2019 12:48 PM, Robinder Nath Sachdev and Dr. Vivek Gupta, IANS Share As the 16 nations in Asia are marching towards closure on Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) discussions in Bangkok, it will be a major step if India signs up to the deal. But there are questions, and a raging controversy back home in India about the pros and cons of the agreement in its present form. One glaring factor that has been missing in all debates so far is any assessment of the "distanomics" in India-China trade. Critical insights emerge when we study India-China trade by using the lens of distanomics, defined by the authors, as the "impact of distances on the economics of production and transport, for exports". China's meddling in Kashmir This article therefore seeks to evaluate the economic impact of the distances as enabled by the China