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CHINA: Party Watch, Weekly report

Weekly Report 3|3 10.12.2019-10.18.2019 David Gitter, Julia Bowie, Jake Eberts, Brock Erdahl, Sandy Lu, and Daniel Shats Highlights Xi Jinping spoke about poverty alleviation work on National Poverty Relief Day (see Senior Leaders section).   People’s Daily  issued a commentator article about the importance of achieving food security (see Propaganda Work section).   The CCDI and NSC held a seminar for African anti-corruption officials (see Party Discipline section). Senior Leaders Xi Jinping Holds Talks with Nepalese Prime Minister Xinhua   10.13  Xi Jinping held talks with Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in Kathmandu, Nepal. During the meeting, Xi pointed out that China and Nepal have always been “good neighbors, good friends, and good partners” throughout history. Expressing China’s willingness to  “promote friendly cooperation between China and Nepal on a new level,” Xi announced that he and Nepalese President Bidhya Devi Bhandari had agreed to establish a “strate

Alienation and Insurgency in Baluchistan

Geopolitical Monitor BACKGROUNDERS  - October 21, 2019 By  Dr. Rajkumar Singh The government of Pakistan has been dealing with animosity among the tribes of Balochistan since the time the country came into existence in 1947. The causes of the conflict with Balochistan include a strong ethnic nationalism along with feelings of economic and political exclusion. Demographically, though it constitutes a mere 3.6 percent of the total population of Pakistan, the region is strategically extremely important to the country because of the high concentration of natural resources there, including gas, oil, copper, and gold. However, despite this wealth in natural resources, Balochistan remains the poorest province in Pakistan. In addition, following the capture of Kalat on April 1, 1948, cases of military atrocities have been a recurrent occurrence in the province. Ill treatment by officials in the region have included torture, arbitrary arrests, executions, and acts of indiscriminate violenc